Busy schedule: Tim Cole in direct dialogue

Presenter of economy and technology events: Time Cole

The schedule of Global Topspeaker Tim Cole is filled to the brim with interesting appearances that all have one thing in common: They have hardly anything in common.

Recently, the expert for networks, IT and the future of the web made an appearance as a panellist on the occasion of a discussion on the working world of tomorrow. A few days later, he himself hosted a panel discussion on industry 4.0. Immediately afterwards, he travelled to a workshop held in Garmisch, Germany, and discussed various digital strategies with the executives of a large family business. And in August, he will hold a keynote on the “Digital transformation in music” in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Tim Cole’s assignments at customer and corporate events, congresses and conventions are as versatile as the German-American himself. His topic is digitisation - a subject that in his opinion concerns every industry, every enterprise and every individual.

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