Stilettos on Gridiron

By Reginald Jones
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Women Getting a Feel for the Game with Former NFL Player Reginald "Reggie" Jones!

“Stilettos on Gridiron” is a self-help book, designed to help women who would like to understand American football. It’s about looking at American football from the portrayal of a former professional football player and about how the game can be simplified, when you parallel it to everyday relationships.

Men who are interested and don't understand American football are encouraged to read this book as well.

The intention of this book is not to highlight the complexity of the game, nor tutor women in order to achieve the highest football IQ. “Stilettos on Gridiron” is written to simplify diverse components and concepts of the game, and ultimately give women a good feel for the game.

Women can kick back, relax and enjoy a new sense of understanding and appreciation for the game; while they view American football from the acumen of a former NFL player. It’s all about “Women Getting a Feel for the Game with Former with Former NFL Player Reginald “Reggie” Jones”.

"Stilettos on Gridiron" will break down the 3 teams within the overall team structure, give a glance at the different characters in the locker room, explain the different positions on the team; as well as, explain details regarding strategy, execution and scoring in American Football.

The book is written with several groups of women in mind: little-league football moms, middle-school football moms and high-school football moms. Written for, high-school football cheerleaders, college-football cheerleaders/dancers and professional-football cheerleaders/dancers.

In addition, for female college students who tag along with other students to college football games, but do not understand the game. It's also written for women who are intrigued with American football from a distance, or from other countries.

This book is also for women who want to bond with partners, spouses, or loved ones who are hooked on the game. And, finally for women who follow the NFL but may not understand the game. For each of these groups, “Stilettos on Gridiron” will help and give women a good feel for the game of American football.


Reginald Jones is a former professional football player in the National Football League, with the New Orleans Saints and Cleveland Browns. Reginald was a key member of the New Orleans Saints #1 defensive team, when he played for the New Orleans Saints. He authored "Stilettos on Gridiron", a book teaching those interested in learning about American football and he launched a book tour, that's covered over 30 U.S. cities in a 2 year period. Go to profile