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Anyone Can Do It

Anyone Can Do It

By Sahar Hashemi
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Building Coffee Republic from Our Kitchen Table 57- Real Life Laws on Entrepreneurship

It's about coffee beans and crazy dreams! Sahar and Bobby Hashemi are the awe-inspiring brother and sister team who started one of the most recognised and high-profile high street brands in the United Kingdom today - Coffee Republic. Anyone Can Do It is an inspirational book which chronicles the start and evolution of a genuine success story, beginning with the siblings' first conversations (when the seed of the idea was planted), to writing the business plan, finding a name, raising money, opening the first store, taking the company public and to the present day when Coffee Republic is worth GBP50m with 90 outlets around the UK.

But the book is no mere corporate history. It is a very personal story of dreaming, acting and succeeding. It offers a myriad of lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs and blows apart the myth that only 'special' people start successful businesses. Written in an informal style and packed with tips, advice, quotes and includes a wonderful appendix (more like a scrapbook), which includes copies of original business plans, early brainstorms and the cruel and duly ignored bank rejection letters. Real insights into real people trying to make a go of their dreams.


Sahar Hashemi, a former lawyer, founded Coffee Republic together with her brother. The UK’s first coffee bar chain in US style evolved into one of the UK’s most known high street brands with a turnover of £30m. Coffee Republic became one of the first players in the ‘coffee revolution’ that converted the UK high street. Go to profile