Henry Maske

Olympic champion, ex-boxing pro, IBF world champion, entrepreneur
Motivation, fighting spirit, dealing with setbacks, courage


World boxing champion and Olympic winner Henry Maske is one of the most popular, beloved and successful professional athletes far beyond the borders of Germany. The list of his honors, trophies and awards is as long as it is varied: Sportsman of the Year, Olympic champion, Bambi award winner, Golden Camera and bearer of the Federal Cross of Merit. In 2012, the world boxing champion received the Golden Sports Pyramid from the "Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe," Germany's most important sports award, and was inducted into the German Sports Hall of Fame.


For the Top 100 speaker, it's a matter of the heart to give something back, as he's done a lot of good through sports. Boxing champion Henry Maske founded the "a place for kids" foundation, which supports disadvantaged children and young people.

Literally, the star athlete had to take a beating for his impressive success. The ex-boxing pro, known as a gentleman, trained and developed his winning mentality. This included the simple formula: Give out, take it and fight through. For Olympic champion Henry Maske, boxing is more than just a sport - it's a metaphor for life. The Top 100 speaker knows how to inspire people and encourage them to take responsibility for their own actions. In his lively, entertaining and anecdote-rich lectures, the sought-after keynote speaker explains how the winning factors of top-class sport can be used for business success.

According to the experiences of the Top 100 speaker, the right personal values, whether in competition or in business, can have a resounding effect and thus become the knockout criterion. Henry Maske's former coach Manfred Wolke says, "It's his character that makes Maske, not his talent." Henry Maske adds, "The best motivation for an employee is a boss who doesn't demand anything he's not willing to do himself." The Top 100 speaker is the best proof of what can be achieved through training, motivation, will and personality.

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Keynote Speaker Henry Maske