Ilja Grzeskowitz

Change expert, Author, Consultant
Change management, motivation, leadership, success
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Making Change Happen

Think it. Do it. Change it. That´s the mantra of Global Topspeaker Ilja Grzeskowitz. The graduated change expert started his career as Germany´s youngest store manager and was in charge of ten department store for Karstadt, Wertheim, Hertie and IKEA. He is a bestselling author of six books and had guest lecturing positions at the SRH University in Berlin and the Berlin School of Law and Economics. As an innovation scout, Ilja constantly travels the world in order to discover future trends. In his work as a keynote speaker and consultant, he helps organizations, companies and managers to create a culture of change.

Roger Muhr - BMW Switzerland

"We were able to win Ilya Grzeskowitz as keynote speaker for our BMW Financial Services dealer event and were very pleased with our choice. The cooperation with Mr. Grzeskowitz was very professional and extremely pleasant from the very beginning. In addition to the topic of change management, he was also very responsive to our industry-specific topics. Mr. Grzeskowitz inspired and carried away our guests with an exciting presentation, whereby humor was not neglected either. We would like to thank Ilya Grzeskowitz for his valuable and stimulating contribution to our event and can highly recommend him. Dear Ilya, we wish you continued success and joy in your work. Thank you again for your performance and dedication at our event."

Jürgen Roßberg - Oberfinanzdirektion Hessen

"Through his authentic and lively presentation, Ilya Grzeskowitz gave our executives a new perspective on the need for change and provided important impulses for their daily work. Leave the comfort zone. Dare to change. Be a role model. Ouch!"

Anke Kotkamp - Deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband

"Mr. Grzeskowitz's presentation was equally engaging and compelling, and very fitting as the closing keynote of our conference. Mr. Grzeskowitz authentically and in a refreshing way took our participants to make change simple."

lectures by Ilja Grzeskowitz

Think it. Do it. Change it.

How to think big, act bold and get the results you want

We live in tough times and it seems that nobody is happy with the circumstances in society, at work or at home. But instead of taking action, everybody is complaining, whining and waiting for somebody else to do something about it. Instead of changing ourselves, we hope that others will take responsibility. Instead of actively living our dreams, we are waiting for the perfect moment. But unfortunately, that moment will never come.

Keynote: "the attitude of change"

Is your organization constantly working on developing new ideas, because everybody knows, that new ways of doing things are a big opportunity to get better? Or do you have people in your team, who say: “Why should I change? That´s the way, we´ve always done it.” In this inspiring and motivational keynote, you´ll discover, how to use the 4 C´s of change in business and in life, how to deal with negative people and finally, how to become a champion of change.

making change happen

For your next event, choose Global Topspeaker Ilja Grzeskowitz (pronounced: Gresh -ko -witz), who will make your audience think, laugh and take action. He teaches general principles, which work for anyone in any business. You will listen keynotes full of inspiring stories, motivational messages and ideas on how to master change in times of uncertainty. The former top manager knows, that change is nothing, that happens „out there“. Instead, it´s an attitude, which we have to choose on a daily basis. With his personality, his content and his engaging delivery style, he fascinates audiences all over the world and shows organizations, companies and leaders how to unleash their full potential, master change in tough times and to achieve great results.


For your next event, choose Global Topspeaker Ilja Grzeskowitz, one of the preeminent experts on change, motivation and success. If you ask the former executive manager, what his approach to long lasting change looks like, he would answer with the following statement: ´It´s all about attitude!` And he goes even further: ´When it comes to being successful in business and in life, attitude isn´t some technique or a one time thing. Attitude is everything!` As a motivational speaker, experienced trainer and bestselling author of five books on change, he shows organizations, leaders and managers how easy it is to unleash their inner potential, which leads to a high motivation and better results.

Ilja Grzeskowitz walks his talk, when he speaks about change. After graduating as an MBA in economics and marketing he started as a storemanager for a large retail company named Karstadt. Despite many organizational changes, heavy staff reduction and closings of locations, he managed to develop motivated teams, which generated great results. He was responsible for 10 different department stores and a business volume of 500 million Euros. As a leader, he inspired more than hundred department managers and over 2000 co-workers with his hands-on leadership approach and his moving attitude.

In his time as a storemanager at IKEA, he was inspired by the scandinavian leadership philosophy, the power of ideas and the ´out-of-the-box-thinking`, which was present throughout the company. Today, you can benefit from these insights, when the charismatic speaker shares his knowledge and solutions with you.

If you are planning your next event, bring in Ilja Grzeskowitz. The inspiring keynote speaker shows your team how change really works and how you develop the right attitude. Your people will be inspired and motivated and choose certainty and action over uncertainty and indecision. You will see the positive results long after your event is over.

 Ilja Grzeskowitz