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Dr. Jörg Wallner

"The future is yours!"

Are you interested in the future? And what kind of impact it will have on your life and most of all your business? Then, trend researcher Dr. Joerg Wallner is YOUR expert of choice. Whether it’s about the „future of sales“ or how companies will proceed to perfectly adapt their product range to the future requirements of their customers, keynote speaker Dr. Jörg Wallner knows the answers – totally in line with the trends of the times. In his inspiring and innovative keynotes, he talks about the megatrends of the coming 10 years, explains innovation strategies and the right way to develop new fields of business.
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Heinz Norbert Dierichsweiler - Allianz Lebensversicherungs-AG

"Your very inspiring authentic lecture has not only shown visions, but very practical implementation. In doing so, you opened and stimulated thoughts in a lively way. The challenge of correctly grasping the future and responding with consideration to the ability of organizations to change and setting the right speed at the right place is what needs to be mastered here."

Anna Kozina - WISAG Facility Management Holding GmbH & Co. KG

"With his keynote speech, Mr. Wallner provided very targeted impulses for dealing with digitization and especially with the future of stationary retail and thus - as well as with his moderation of the subsequent workshop - contributed greatly to the success of our innovation forge. Many thanks for that!"


"Dr. Wallner made a very good connection to our industry with the topic of electromobility and digitalization.Overall, Dr. Jörg Wallner's presentation was very well received by our participants."

lectures by Dr. Jörg Wallner

Automobiles, mobility and life in the future

What will move us in the future – and in particular: How will we move around in the future? In his presentation, „Automobiles, mobility and life in the future“, trend researcher and Global Topspeaker Joerg Wallner provides fascinating answers to these questions. The renowned keynote speaker reveals which new inventions and technologies will be available then and how the continuing urbanisation will soon change our everyday life.

Industry 5.0 - How KI is revolutionizing industry

Digitalization with all its possibilities has already changed our lives in many areas and does not stop at the factory gates. Industry 4.0 is already making it possible to use data-driven systems to individualize products and respond to the needs of individual customers. Now, when AI-powered technologies are added and implemented, it is possible, with the help of intelligent algorithms, to predict future behaviors today and offer customized products at the right time. We are talking about Industry 5.0.


Dr. Jörg Wallner is the „Director Strategic Foresight“ of „Germany’s most innovative think tank“, the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank founded by trend researcher Sven Gabor Janzsky. Furthermore, he is a lecturer at the Competence Center Digital Economics in Hamburg. The trend researcher is a much sought-after consultant and in his capacity as a key note speaker, he is highly in demand at a large number of industry events and manager seminars.

The graduated political scientist, sociologist and publicist with a doctorate from Germany’s Free University of Berlin (FU Berlin) knows like no other, which technologies will be of utmost importance in the future, which new business models will be the trendsetters in the various industries, where potential attacks on established business models will be lurking and when companies should take the chance to enter into new fields of business and establish new business models.

With regard to his expertise, Global Topspeaker Dr. Joerg Wallner does not stick to dry theories on the future but mainly addresses the essential question of HOW? Namely, how companies can implement viable innovations in real life and thus sustainably distinguish themselves from the competition. And how they can reach and maintain the speed required by the market for implementing these trends and as a result will be able to develop a consistent culture of innovation. All these are questions, success-oriented companies are interested in today – and keynote speaker Dr. Joerg Wallner knows the answers.

As a consultant and project leader, Dr. Joerg Wallner has developed and implemented marketing and sales strategies as well as new business models for leading trading and mail-order companies. He also established the business development and innovation processes of one of the world’s largest printing corporations.

Speaker Dr. Joerg Wallner is a master in crossing the borders between reflexive science and hands-on and pointed consulting on the important subject “Change”. He encourages teams to accomplish outstanding achievements - even under extreme conditions of change and in case of high workloads. And those are exactly the qualities that make him such an outstanding and inspiring speaker. He stimulates new ways of thinking, inspires and shakes up. He provides his audience with innovative tips on trends and new ideas that can be implemented immediately and that open the door to the companies’ future successes. Choose Dr. Joerg Wallner to be your next keynote speaker and let the future start today!