Michael Moesslang

Global Top Speaker and coach Michael Moesslang

Occupation: Degree in communication BAW

Field(s) of expertise: The Hitchcock of Presentation

Language(s): German, English

Make yourself and your presentation a true sensation

„Stop boredom! Present convincingly“ is Michael Moesslang’s motto. „The Hitchcock of Presentation“ is the expert for sensational, suspenseful presentations and personal impact.

Michael Moesslang’s entertaining and extremely suspenseful speeches about presentation skills and brilliant rhetoric, personal impact and body language convince, motivate and captivate his international public. As an expert in his field he includes insights from psychology and behavioral science. He skillfully demonstrates how to compose a presentation full of suspense, dramaturgy and tension – like out of a movie of the Master of Suspense, Sir Alfred Hitchcock. 

The former owner of an advertising agency offers the Know-How and experience of numerous pitches and 1000 presentations, speeches and lectures he gave. He knows: Only touching the audience on an emotional level, combined with professional authenticity and excellent personal impact ensures really convincing and long lasting results when presenting. 

His current book „Presenting like Hitchcock – How to convince with the Master of Suspense“– in German language – is the first and only presentation book based on the subject of suspense. 

Learn from Keynote Speaker Michael Moesslang how to

  • avoid boredom for your audiences
  • integrate dramaturgy and suspenseful plot points in your presentations
  • develop your professional authenticity 
  • use convincing and confident body language
  • captivate your audiences by a maximized personal impact
  • overcome stage fright 

In 2010 Keynote Speaker Michael Moesslang received the 5 Sterne Redner Award in the category ‘Best Media’ for his excellent media coverage results and in 2011 the 5 Sterne Redner Award “Bestseller Book” for his highly successful book „Presenting like Hitchcock“. 

Get inspiration and valuable input on presentations skills, rhetoric, body language and learn from the “Hitchcock of Presentation” Michael Moesslang. 

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Participant Comments

„The art of captivating presentations.”

Augsburger Allgemeinen Zeitung

„Thank you very much for your excellent keynote speech. I will

definitely recommend you and am looking forward to our further


Charlotte Meukel / Gesundheitszentrum Nymphenburg

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