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Michelle Euzet

Consultant, executive sparring partner
Diversity, Leadership
German, French, English

For living diversity that pays off!

Michelle Euzet stands for true and sustainable cultural change and diversity in companies. The Caribbean-born Frenchwoman's career has been marked by management positions in central marketing in B2B groups in the automotive supply and logistics sectors. For almost twenty years she held positions there as head of international change projects and in the line up to upper management. Today she dedicates herself to her heart's desire, the appreciative and value-creating cooperation in organisations. Her lever: diversity that pays off.

Vivien Emily Schiller - Adesso SE

"On the occasion of our Diversity Talk, Michelle gave an impressive and inspiring keynote speech on the topic "Cosmopolitan is not always open-minded. She gave her talk in an authentic, clear, fair and understanding way, putting her finger in the wound in a charming way. Above all, she enriched us with her manner and left us thoughtful, because the change in thinking must first occur in everyone themselves. The keynote had a lasting effect and enriched our subsequent conversations."

Dr. Georg Mannsperger - Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

"We had Ms. Euzet as a guest in a salon talk with panel discussion that dealt with what digital tools and methods exist that are aimed at women to promote their own professional advancement. We experienced Ms Euzet as a competent as well as rousing keynote speaker who embodied the concern of our event in an authentic and sympathetic way. 
We would like to thank her very much for that!" 

Katrin Menig - Bavaria Film Group

"On the occasion of Diversity Day, Michelle gave a very moving and inspiring impulse within our company. We got to know her as a speaker who raises awareness for diversity in a stirring and touching way and captivates her audience right from the start.

lectures by Michelle Euzet

Make diversity your lever for business success!

Diversity is not a good deed or even an end in itself! Personal and corporate growth are at stake. In her lecture on diversity, Michelle Euzet succeeds in making us aware of our limitations in a charming yet unvarnished way.

No culture change, no perspective!

Every modern company takes cosmopolitanism and tolerance for granted - whether it is an SME, a global corporation or an NGO. But it takes much more than diversity on paper!


The diversity expert knows from her business career the added value but also the challenges of a transformation towards valuable diversity. Diversity management and corporate social responsibility (CSR, "good deeds") are often confused. Diversity is not a good deed, it is a management task in the sense of the company. True cultural change takes place in day-to-day business. Future viability needs a paradigm shift!

As a female executive, a single mother, a foreigner and a black woman at tradition-steeped, male-dominated, engineering-driven hidden champions, Michelle remained the "diversity proofpoint" for years. She knows from vivid experience that the saying "the opposite of good is well-intentioned" also applies to cosmopolitan, multilingual decision-makers. Whether frightening or simply hilarious, exposing missteps are rarely a good omen for the organisation and its future viability. This is exactly where Michelle comes in, on the day-to-day business.

Caribbean temperament, French charm, North German clarity and Franconian linguistic colouring... Culture and diversity have enriched Michelle's personality, always animating her to change perspectives and giving her expressiveness.

The result: Pure energy for your stage!

Michelle's presentations sparkle with life and are equally effective and entertaining. The topic of diversity is often either naively flowery or dogmatically instructive. Michelle makes it tangible, even catchy... and laughing together helps! Your guests will take away a lot to talk about. That's a promise!

With a large portion of humour, she shares her personal experiences and observations from corporate life - not only in terms of diversity. Michelle addresses important, difficult or even controversial aspects of cooperation in the company and provides concrete food for thought and recommendations for action for true cultural change.

Her lectures get right to the heart of the matter. However, she does not accuse, but humorously invites self-reflection with self-irony and personal anecdotes and shows her audience new ways to culture change: without dogma, pragmatic and results-oriented. The focus is always on cultural change: everyone is always in favour of it, and yet it's the implementation that's the problem! In her presentations, diversity expert Michelle Euzet charmingly reminds us that we are all part of the problem, but therefore also part of the solution! To this end, she specifically addresses topics that others do not want to talk about, breaks them down to the essentials and stimulates discussions and thought processes.

In addition to her career as a keynote speaker, she acts on the one hand as an impulse generator - through master classes and management concepts - and on the other hand as a process facilitator in the form of consulting, facilitation and executive sparring.

Michelle is infectiously passionate - both on stage and online.

Keynote Speaker Michelle Euzet