New Global Topspeaker: Tim Cole joins the international team

Journalist und Experte über Web 2.0 Tim Cole

Welcome Tim Cole! The American journalist and Web 2.0 expert has lived in Europe for many years and worked as a sought-after writer for daily newspapers (including Süddeutsche Zeitung, Die Welt) and magazines as well as a TV presenter (including eTalk on German news channel n-tv).

His vast knowledge in the field of networks, IT and the future of the Internet makes him a well-known presenter of high profile events, where he is able to discuss with executives at eye level. He is a faboulous speaker, whose keynote presentations are eagerly followed by other experts. Cole also knows how to make complex technical and economic details understandable for everyone and is capable to include scientific findings in an exciting and entertaining lecture.

His lectures such as "Customer 2.0", "The mobile person" or "Asia for professionals," are held in English as eloquent as in German. Tim Cole is therefore another renowned speaker for multilingual events all over the world who can be booked via Global Topspeakers.