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David Garrett: Author of Foreword for Richard de Hoop's new book

Stargeiger David Garrett: Geleitwort für Richard de Hoop’s neues Buch

For Global Top Speaker Richard de Hoop Music is always in the Air! Especially now after the successful publication of his first book „Macht Musik – So spielt Ihr Team zusammen statt nur Lärm zu produzieren“. Special highlight: the emotional foreword from world-class violonist David Garrett!

Speaker Richard de Hoop – his keynotes are available in German, Dutch and English - describes in his book how teams can work and play together successfully and harmoniously. “Orchestras” and companies are not going to function, when there is only one type of instrument, like drum sounds or piano players. What companies need are well balanced orchestras with a variety of instruments skillfully playing together. And of course the guidance an experienced conductor, meaning the executives and managers in companies. And of course it is of tremendous importance that every team member really plays the instrument most suitable to his or her character.

Entertainer Richard de Hoop uses Music as metaphor for successful teambuilding and compares the characters of persons with musical instruments to describe their variety and spectrum. He works with 8 instruments for 8 different characters. Only when all 8 instruments manage to play together harmoniously and joyfully the orchestras and companies are able deliver their personal best performance.

A very special, entertaining, energetic and useful book: Order now in our Shop.