Star Trek with Captain Zitt in Zweibrücken, San Antonio and Berlin


Global Topspeaker Dr. Hubert Zitt has held three major international lectures at colleges and universities last year. He traveled to San Antonio in the U.S. last October and took the audience from the University of Incarnate World (UIW) with him into his Star Trek empire.

Dr. Zitt is a lecturer of computer science at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern at Zweibrücken. In his fascinating lectures he demonstrates how the science fiction of Star Trek becomes real in the world today and the world of tomorrow.

The second lecture was held in Berlin on November 8th 2012. His journey through time and space was broadcast live over the Internet. Not only Star Trek fans were delighted by the event, which  was jointly organized by the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin and “Freie Universität” Berlin.

Zitt, who is a graduate in electrical engineering and system theorists, explained the secret behind time travel in literature, film and television in another celebrated lecture in November. The number of participants was limited and participation was only possible by personal "Boarding Pass". Among the enthusiastic audience were also journalists of the daily “Berliner Zeitung”.

Even German TV ZDF reported from Zitts legendary Christmas Lecture in Zweibrücken, where  visitors from other worlds, aliens and spaceships were present.

In his talks, Zitt tranfers today's technology to the future and shows what we can learn from science fiction. His lectures on business events of leading companies in Germany get great feedback from the organizers and audience. Therefore Dr. Hubert Zitt was awarded with the 5 star speaker award 2012 as the most exceptional speaker.

The Team of Global Topspeakers congratulates Dr. Zitt and is looking forward to further intergalactic good cooperation!