Steve Kroeger: Exciting Interview for a Polish magazine

Steve Kroeger: Exciting Interview for a Polish magazine

Global Topspeaker Steve Kroeger recently delivered one of his amazing Keynotes for a polish company. During his stay in Poland he gave an interview for the well-known magazine „Dental Connection“. The headline of the Interview: “Goals set high”. 

In this interview Global Topspeaker Steve explains, how he transfers his mountaineering experience to professional and private areas and the learning we all can take out of it. He considers private and professional life like a mountain. Sometimes it goes up and sometimes it goes down. Individuals, teams and companies who want to be successful need to do the same things like experienced mountaineers. They have to face challenges, throwbacks and – above all - change.

He also describes the challenges and benefits of his famous 7 SUMMITS®-Project – climbing the highest mountain on each single continent from 2007 to 2014. And reports how he realized that there a seven principles that allow individuals and teams to reach their goals – in the private and in their professional life.

The Keynote Speaker furthermore explains the real meaning of GOAL - the key word to all his lectures. He outlines that goals must be specific, measureable, attainable, relevant and should have a specific deadline.

The Global Topspeaker also talks very openly about the challenges of his climbing experiences concerning his private life. And how being “on the road” constantly, changing places at a high pace changed him. Finally he developed the wish to find some kind of roots, as real freedom to come and go only exists when feeling at home at a certain place. He concludes the interview by stating that today he wishes to transfer the knowledge and experience he gained on several summits to as much as people as possible, helping them to realize their dreams and match their goals.

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