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Personal development, vitality, sport, alpinisting
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Together to the personal summit – reaching high aims with the 7 SUMMITS® strategy

Many mountain climbers dream to conquer the world’s Seven Summits. Steve Kroeger is living this dream and in doing so stretches his mental and physical endurance to the limit. In his presentations, the motivational coach, mountain climber and writer not only teaches how to climb the highest peaks based on motivation and success-orientation but also how to meet the challenges of job and everyday life with ease.

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Martin Lieb - Bundesverband Personal Training

"Talks by Steve Kroeger offer an experience in a class of its own: irresistibly lively, natural and powerful, he inspires his spellbound audience to rediscover their dreams and life goals. This is fun!"

Torsten Töller - Fressnapf

"Wow - thank you very much for your remarkable performance at our General Meeting yesterday, which contributed greatly to the success of our event. I am delighted that we were able to engage you as a speaker. Your performance helped immensely to get my team in the mood for our motto this year: 'Challenge 2020'. You certainly inspired our partners and made them realize that we need to spit in our hands and conquer the 'eight-thousander' with a lot of courage as a rope team. Thank you very much for that!"

Daniela Schnauder - Airbus Defence and Space GmbH

"Steve Kroeger understands how to bring a team to high performance with sense and humanity. The way he delivers his message - equipped with the right amount of humor - to an international leadership team deserves high praise!"

Manuela Lott - Lions

"A powerful presentation by Steve that motivated me to look and plan right and left and most importantly forward quite often."

lectures by Steve Kroeger

Making the right decision when under pressure

Everyday professional life is like climbing a mountain. It’s when you are at a great height that personal bests are needed there and then. It’s about making the right decisions when under pressure. It’s just like mountaineering: wrong decisions high up can have fatal consequences. The same goes for everyday professional life.

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Expedition to the personal summit

Reaching great heights with the 7 SUMMITS® Strategy

Make the most of this extreme mountaineer’s success strategies and reach your personal summit. The motivation expert and vitality and personality coach, the personal trainer and mountaineer knows the tricks that are needed to get to greater heights.

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Team spirit - getting there together

How do you and a group of highly motivated specialists get to the summit together? How do you create a working team spirit under pressure and with a tight time budget? How do you put a management team together that can lead the others to the summit – even throughout hard times?

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Success factors in times of change

Time seems to be racing and there is no sign of it slowing down. Once we have reached a summit, there is little time to enjoy the moment. Teams are just as much subjected to on-going change. Fluctuation, new tasks or fusions ask great flexibility of companies, organisations and every single one of us.

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Global Topspeaker Steve Kroeger takes you on a fascinating journey to the highest summits of the continents. The mental coach inspires and encourages the audience to express and reach lifetime dreams and aims in life. Teamspirit is being arised, teambuilding is enforced and the vitality of each personally is being raised considerably. Only the ones who know what they really want, who are motivated and success-orientated will reach high goals easily.

Steve Kroeger has developed the 7 SUMMITS®Strategy after he decided in 2007 to conquer each summit on all 7 continents in the world. Six successful conquests are behind him and in 2014 he finished his project by having climbed the Mount Everest.

Not only with his speeches Steve Kroeger gives valuable assistance, but also with his regular seminar journeys to the Kilimandjaro in showing analogies in private and business life and the challenges of climbing a mountain. Thanks to his experience he knows that summits can be taken as a metapher of reaching high aims.

Experience Steve Kroeger's extraordinary speeches, accompanied by amazing coloured photos. The personal coach convinces with his positive charisma, 100% authenticity and communicates his experience with ease and humour.

Steve Kroeger is alpinist and author „7 SUMMITS® Strategy – reaching personal summit with serenity“ (Gabal Verlag) is also published in an extended version as an audio book.

In 2012 he was awarded with the Newcomer Award of the German Speaker Association and the Coaching Award 2012 in the category „young speaker“. In 2014 Steve Kroeger was awarded with the BZTB Award of Excellence in further Education.

In 2013 Steve Kroeger has founded the 7 SUMMITS® Strategie Deutschland GmbH with the following business activities: regular trips to the Kilimandjaro, education of the 7 SUMMITS® Strategy Coach.

Keynote Speaker Steve Kroeger

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Speakers agency Global Topspeakers hands out Speakers Awards 2016

Once again this year, the speakers agency Global Topspeakers honoured the most outstanding speakers with the prestigious Global Topspeakers Award. A jury of five renowned industry experts nominated the award-winners of the trophies which are highly sought after in the speakers’ world. At the end of the year, the Global Topspeakers agency honours the most successful speakers of the past year with a special trophy – the Speakers Award. Only speakers belonging to the circle of Global Topspeakers can be nominated for this price. The awards are presented in the categories „Best Brand“, „Best Newcomer“, „Most Outstanding Speaker“, „Best Media“, and „Best Performer - Speakers“ as well as „Best Performer - Coaches“. In addition to that, a special award is granted for the most outstanding performance outside the speakers’ scene. 

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Speaker Steve Kroeger kicks off debate about speaker’s profession

A Facebook post with consequences: In the social network, the mountain climber and German keynote speaker Steve Kroeger criticized the proceedings in conjunction with the awarding of the title „Top Coach” by the German news magazine Focus. Soon afterwards, his contribution had already been shared 450 times and sparked a heated debate. All over Germany, the media such as the Süddeutsche Zeitung, one of Germany’s largest newspapers, took the level of interest his post generated as an opportunity to report on the award and on the job of professional speaker itself (read the article here).

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