Congress for entrepreneurs: importance of digital transformation

Michael Carl spricht über Veränderungen durch die Digitalisierung. CCO Public Domain2

Surveys and studies in almost all business sectors have repeatedly proven that the focused development of a corporate culture has become a critical success factor in digital transformation. On all levels, it is the central challenge for the future viability of companies. This is why the future institute 2b AHEAD Think Tank organises a symposium on this range of topics: On November 21st, 2017 the "Enabling Transformation Congress 2017" will take place at the Carl-Zeiss-Planetarium in Stuttgart.

Global Topspeaker Michael Carl, Managing Director Research & Consulting with the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank, hosts what will probably be this year’s most important symposium on digital transformation. Together with his colleague Kai Arne Gondlach, Senior Researcher and a Global Topspeaker as well, he discusses their respective innovation strategies with international speakers and participants from various business sectors. Although digitisation has become the most fundamental question of the future, it is apparent that conventional processes are either too lengthy or cannot offer any answers at all.

Both Global Topspeakers professionally deal with the question of the future and shaping the future. They research developments, analyse trends and develop methods for the economy to provide answers and the best approach possible for the upcoming challenges. The „Enabling Transformation Congress 2017“ takes a look at how international companies have realised new forms of agility and flexibility and mutually benefit from this interaction. The congress aims at inspiring visions and supporting international networking.

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