Network marketing expert Harald Psaridis presents new eBook

Portrait von Harald Psaridis

„Your Breakthrough to Success - 5 Laws of a real Net Worth Marketing Leader“ is the title of the new eBook by network marketing expert and Global Topspeaker Harald Psaridis, which has recently been published in German and English. In the book, the entrepreneur describes how to maximise one’s business and leadership skills with only a few, astonishingly simple techniques. And within a short time, success will automatically follow.

In 1988, Harald Psaridis successfully became self-employed as an entrepreneur in the financial services industry. The sales organisation established by the Global Topspeaker developed into one of the leading European network marketing companies in the financial sector. In the course of his career, Harald Psaridis conducted more than 10,000 interviews with potential business partners. Together with his executives, he built up a network of thousands of business partners and led every one of them to success. Therefore, Harald Psaridis rightfully is considered to be a top leader personality and is an internationally acclaimed and highly valued network marketing expert.

„Network marketing is a business from human to human which makes both of them successful. Only reliable networks generate high profits: with respect, well-trained business partners and outstanding leadership”, says the Global Topspeaker. In his new eBook - just as in his stimulating presentations - Psaridis gives tips on how to find the right business partners in network marketing, how to properly establish one’s mindset and how to become a recognised, results-oriented leader. The entrepreneur presents field-proven methods to become successful in network marketing.

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