Extremsportler Norman Bücher startet sein Lebensprojekt 7 Continents

The preparations for extreme athlete Norman Buecher’s first European stretch of his run started at the beginning of 2019. Within seven years, the Global Topspeaker and motivation coach plans to run through 70 countries on seven continents. And while doing so, he wants to gather the wishes, thoughts and hopes of children and young people. With this spectacular campaign, he intends to give them a voice. His goal is to hand over the collected comments to the 79th United Nations General Assembly in New York in September 2024.

On October 4, 2018 already, the starting shot for the prologue of the extreme and extraordinary project was fired at the European Parliament in Strasbourg (France). Within 17 days and in several stretches, the motivation coach ran more than 750 km across southern Germany to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Now, Norman Buecher and his team have evaluated the experiences of this prologue and the adoloscents’ voices documented so far. The knowledge gained will be used to prepare the first real tour through Europe which starts in May. The Global Topspeaker plans to cover the distance of roughly 2,500 km from Germany to Istanbul in a good 50 days.

Apart from the physical training, further planning is also part of the deal and relates to the accompanying team, information on the route through the various countries, the equipment and the budget planning, of course. Norman Buecher needs to rely on sponsors - not only for the European part of his run but for the entire „7 CONTINENTS World Tour“, however. A flag with a microphone as a symbol will accompany the extreme athlete on all the legs of his journey. The microphone stands for the voices of the children, youngsters and adolescents and was inspired by the Olympic Torch that is carried from country to country. People, organisations or companies that support Norman Buecher’s mission will be depicted on this flag, making their names go around the world as well and identifying the sponsors as part of the movement whose message is “„Listen to the Voices of our Future“. Supporters may find all relevant information in this regard on the „7 CONTINENTS World Tour“ homepage where Norman Buecher compiled all other information on his project as well, of course. It’s more than a challenge, says the Global Topspeaker. To him, it’s a life project.

Whether the extreme athlete is up to the task will become evident on the next stretches through Europe, Asia, Oceania, South America and even Antarctica. Buecher is confident, however, that based on his experience, he will be able to successfully master these challenges. With great determination, he has successfully concluded numerous projects already: the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, an extreme marathon in the Himalayas or the 600 km crossing of the Atacama Desert in South America.

The Global Topspeaker definitely feels highly motivated by the experience of the kick-off stage and by the conversations with the young people he met along the Strasbourg – Berlin leg of his run. Norman Buecher therefore is already curious what answers will await him in his interviews on the next stages.

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