Industry 4.0 – Trends & Challenges

Innovation, marketing and sales are the specialties of Global Topspeaker Dr. Jörg Wallner.

In his latest presentation "Industry 4.0 – The new industrial revolution?" Dr. Jörg Wallner, sought-after Global Topspeaker and Director Innovation & Change of Germany’s most creative hotbed for innovative ideas, 2b AHEAD ThinkTank, focuses on the trends and challenges of Industry 4.0.

According to the remarkable trend researcher, we are currently living in a VUCA world, i.e. a world of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity, where the speed of technological developments is ever increasing and accelerating. The inspiring Global Topspeaker is convinced: “Looking ten years into the future, we’ll see as much change as we’ve seen over the past two decades with the invention of notebooks, smartphones, tablets, robots, 3D-printing and all other kind of disruptive technologies.”

But the big question is: Are companies and industries prepared enough to successfully deal with the kind of upheaval disruptive technologies will cause and are they really in the position to cope with this kind of exponential change? Obviously not, as about 300 industrial decision-makers from the US, Japan and Germany admitted in the course of a recent McKinsey study.

And this is where Global Topspeaker Jörg Wallner comes in with his brand-new and amazing presentation on the trends and challenges of Industry 4.0, the merger of traditional engineering and sophisticated IT. Based on many examples, he demonstrates how digital disruption has already changed many industries to date – from taxi companies to retailers -, and will change even more so and at an accelerated speed in the future.

As a consequence, the brilliant keynote speaker recommends companies and industries alike to accept that neither this exponential change, nor digitisation or innovation will go away. They are here to stay and they definitely cannot be stopped.

“Basically, there are three different options how you can handle that: You can either make things happen, you can watch things happen, but hopefully you don’t go for the third option, that is sit and wait, then complain ‘oh what happened’”, is what Jörg Wallner tells his audience.

In his outstanding keynote, Jörg Wallner therefore prepares his audience for a future which is mobile. A future where business models are separated from the infrastructure and based on data and scalable platforms instead. A web which is increasingly determined by social applications and networks and where the next generation doesn’t go online but is online. An environment of smart homes and smart cities that constantly provide their inhabitants with information and data and cater to their inhabitants’ need for individualisation. Not to mention a world abundant with big data, computer power, artificial intelligence and connectivity.

The enthusiastic Global Topspeaker thus makes sure that his audience will be in the position to face the challenges and trends of Industry 4.0 head on.

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