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Christa Kinshofer

Overall Ski World Cup Champion
Motivation, success, acquaintance with changes
German, English

Absolute belief in yourself is what makes you a winner.

The multiple World Cup Champion and Winner of Olympic Medals, Christa Kinshofer, is one of the most successful ski racers in the world. The renowned athlete proved her fighting spirit and her unbelievable endurance when – following several setbacks and lows in her health – she successfully reconquered her sports career. With motivation, endurance and a will of iron, any goal can be achieved!

Kristina Mentzel - Pioneer Investment

"[...] You enchanted the participants of my leadership seminar. Not only your friendly, personal and incredibly impressive manner, but also your nice interaction with the colleagues made the event an unforgettable experience."

Willy Bogner -

"Anyone who reads this will have the clearest picture of sports, people and success. And at last it's off the table that athletes are not managers - and vice versa."

Franz Beckenbauer -

"I greatly admired Christa Kinshofer when she didn't let it get her down after the end of her first career and her retirement from the German national ski team. With immense dedication and incredible will, she managed to build on her early successes."

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Fight - Fall - Rise again

Global Top Speaker Christa Kinshofer »Kinsi« was at the top of her game, accustomed to success and a media darling. Then suddenly a stroke of fate catapulted her back to the bottom of the career ladder.


Christa Kinshofer (Kinsi) was one of the most successful alpine skiers in the world. Her long list of successes includes: seven-time World Cup Champion, Sportswoman of the year, overall Ski World Cup Champion in her main discipline, the Giant Slalom, and three-time medal winner at the Olympic Games. As a professional sportswoman she knows just how hard it can be to lift oneself out of the depths of despair, have faith in oneself, keep one’s eyes fixed on the goal ahead and make a comeback. She describes this very movingly in her book ‘Helden werden nicht gewürfelt – kämpfen – stürzen – aufstehen’ (‘There is no such thing as an accidental Hero – fight, fall and rise again’). In her presentations she is able to transmit this mental strength to her audience.

Christa Kinshofer is a world-renowned business woman and expert in sports marketing and sponsorship. Alongside her work as a public speaker, she has also published several books, organises golf tournaments, is a consultant to the African soft drinks manufacturer Bizz Up (www.bizzup-drink.com) and is committed to various charity projects.

In her presentations on the path to success, Christa Kinshofer proves to be a charismatic motivational trainer who captivates her audience with her boundless energy and dynamism. Only with absolute determination and mental strength it is possible to remain successful. Christa Kinshofer, a power house of a speaker, transmits passion, the strength to cope with victory and defeat and the necessary motivation to fire her audience with enthusiasm. In both the world of sport and the world of business, goals, vision and staying power are the key to success.

In 2010 Christa Kinshofer received the 5 Sterne Redner Award in the category ‘Most Unusual Speaker’ for her achievements both as a public speaker and her work outside the world of public speaking.

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Keynote Speaker Christa Kinshofer