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Collin Croome

Metaverse expert, digital marketing strategist
Metaverse, social media, digital marketing, CHAT GPT, generative KI
German, English

The new reality, make it your future!

Making brands, companies and products digitally experienceable and visible: That is Collin Croome's passion. For 30 years, the agency owner has been advising and supporting well-known brands such as Apple, Audi or Hugo Boss in the development and implementation of digital strategies and campaigns. Collin set up his own business at the age of 19 and actively helped shape the digital revolution in the early 90s. Collin Croome has experienced everything from the floppy to the blockchain and has often demonstrated his flair for trends and innovations. It is therefore no surprise that he is the expert on "The next big thing": Artificial Intelligenz and The Metaverse!

Reiner Deichmann - Apple Germany

"In the more than 10 years we have worked together, Collin has given many people an understanding of the fascinating world of Apple and the spirit that goes with it. Due to his outstanding presentation skills and unique personality, he knows how to convince customers with enthusiasm for our products and technologies."

Torben Schmidt - Nespresso Germany

"Remarkable, rousing and motivating: Collin Croome gave us an insight into the future and made it clear that more will change in our industry in the next few years than in the decades before. Even days after his keynote, there was still lively discussion about it."

Hans Albu Sanmiguel -

"Every lecture is a visual masterpiece. Great performance and slides with great attention to detail. He takes every keynote to the next level with his experience in digital. Premium is his motto."

Christian Mack - Lighthouse GmbH

"Finally an understandable overview of the topic of Metaverse, professionally sound, motivatingly presented. At the same time, absolutely individually tailored to our company with appropriate examples and tips. I am looking forward to the next topic. Thank you very much!"

lectures by Collin Croome

Buzzword or business? Understanding metaverse, shaping the future.

The metaverse is the next evolutionary stage of the internet, in which the virtual and physical worlds are increasingly merging. In this lecture you will learn how the Metaverse & Web3 will change our everyday business and private lives!

What’s next in Social Media?

Finally measurably more success with strategic social media marketing: Most companies today use social media as part of their marketing strategy. However, many still lack a clearly defined social media strategy. 


Collin Croome lives by the philosophy of "learning by doing": The digital marketing strategist began his career in 1991 after he was able to convince Apple's marketing management with his skills - without any training or studies. However, his talent speaks for itself: He accompanied Apple for more than 10 years as a speaker at trade fairs, congresses and events. At the same time, he worked for Germany's first multimedia agency, Medialab, and was already at the forefront of the latest technologies and developments in digital marketing. In 1993 Collin created "The First German Multimedia Training" for Apple, which brought him many new enquiries and clients. In 1997, he then founded his own digital marketing agency, where he still serves internationally known fashion brands today.

From Web 1.0 to Web 3.0: the Metaverse expert was there! After establishing a first digital presence for his clients in the Word Wide Web in the mid-nineties, he took them to the Social Web from 2007 onwards. To date, Collin Croome has realised over 800 successful digital projects for his clients. He packs all his experience and practical knowledge into his lectures on the metaverse, social media and digital marketing. No matter in which format, it is always his goal to make brands tangible and visible. His visually stunning keynote speeches are forward-looking and show the many possibilities that already exist today - and will shape our future. In doing so, he addresses both the opportunities and the challenges and risks of digitalisation.

Collin lives and loves the "digital lifestyle" and is constantly concerned with future trends and digital transformation. As an early adopter, he is already using the tools of tomorrow and shares his knowledge as a strategy consultant, book author and speaker.