Prof. Dr. Dieter Hackfort

Sports psychologist and consultant of famous athletes
Performance improvement, mental fitness, handling of stressful situations
German, English

Everyone is responsible for his stress

Prof. Dr. Hackfort has already made a name for himself for being a successful sports psychologist as well as the consultant of popular athletes in Formula 1 and in professional football. In his presentations, the accomplished Global Topspeaker passes on the experience he gained in professional sports in view of the fact that the university professor’s methods can also be implemented in the working world. Thanks to Prof. Dr. Dieter Hackfort’s tips motivation, successfully coping with stress, self-control and decision-making in everyday business life becomes child’s play!


Prof. Dr. Dieter Hackfort specializes in performance analysis and performance improvement, acting in stressful situations and career development. As an expert in the analysis of performance potentials for single individuals and teams in the professional sports and in the business environment, the famous sports psychologist enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. Famous Olympic athletes, especially German Formula 1 Championship winners, have benefited from his advice about mental fitness and his training for stressful situations.

Prof. Dr. Hackfort`s keynote lectures show how the experiences from professional sport can be used systematically for the successful management of performance and stress at work and in everyday life.

As a sports scientist and psychologist, professor at the University of the Bundeswehr Munich and a visiting professor in China, the United States and Qatar, Professor Hackfort has dealt extensively with issues such as self control, self-presentation, action optimization and stress management.

His scientific works include over 150 publications and have been awarded with national and international awards.

In his celebrated lectures, Global Topspeaker Dr. Hackfort shows typical structures of effective (and ineffective) acts in high-occupying demanding situations. He reveals how mental and emotional processes, such as nervousness and fear, control our behavior and what consequences this may have on our everyday actions.

His techniques of "power action" include, among others, strategies for self control and tips for optimal organization of the personal environment.

This knowledge and his charming speaking style lead to Hackfort`s sucess as a sought-after speaker at international congresses of various fields. In addition to teaching, research, public appearances and coaching of top athletes, Hackfort also supports and led the International Society of Sport Psychology and other organizations.

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Keynote Speaker Prof. Dr. Dieter Hackfort