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Dr. Hans-Peter Kleebinder

Independent expert for #SMARTMobility, #SMARTCities and #MaaS Lecturer for Brand Management, Social Media and Influencer Marketing at the University of St. Gallen.
Mobility of the future, digitalization, SMART Mobility, Generation X/Z, SMART City
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Sustainable - Connected - Autonomous. What is our plan for mobility in the future? SMART Mobility and SMART Cities with ZERO emissions, ZERO accidents, ZERO ownership? Can such a global mobility revolution succeed?Hans-Peter Kleebinder inspires people of every generation in intelligent, inspiring and sustainable presentations. The topic of future mobility, a global mobility industry and the accompanying digitalization are the main content of the smart automotive and mobility expert. The mobility of the future is sustainable, connected, autonomous, green, digital, intelligent, efficient and safe.
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Hans-Peter Kleebinder is an independent mobility expert specializing in smart mobility, smart cities and smart data with 24 years of experience in management, sales, marketing and communications at BMW, MINI and Audi. His studies in business administration, psychology and politics took him to Munich, St. Gallen and London.

Re-thinking and re-designing mobility is his heart and soul and his mission. As early as 1995, he was working on the future of our mobility in Europe as part of a research fellowship at the University of St. Gallen. He then spent more than 20 years in management positions in sales and communications at MINI, BMW and Audi.

As an independent mobility expert, Hans-Peter Kleebinder supports companies, brands and people on their way to a sustainable, modern and safe future. He provides answers to the questions of how we will live and work in the future, moving from A to B in a more sustainable, safer and relaxed way.

He is Managing Director of the Executive Program "Smart Mobility Management driven by SMART Cities & SMART Data" at the University of St. Gallen, a member of the "Global New Mobility Coalition" of the World Economic Forum, curator for sustainable mobility at the IAA Mobility and scientific advisory board at the Bundesverband eMobilität.

For Hans-Peter Kleebinder, one thing is clear: "Mobility is a basic human need. Digitization helps us make the mobility of people, goods and data smarter and more sustainable - as the basis for our prosperity, quality of life and personal autonomy."

As a speaker, moderator and curator, he convinces and inspires entrepreneurs, executives and decision-makers in business, politics and society. The central topics of his lectures are:

The mobility plan for our future: ZERO emissions. ZERO accidents. ZERO traffic jams.
WHO & WHAT are the drivers of the global mobility revolution?
How can the mobility of people, goods and data become smarter, safer and more sustainable?
Will our own car become a discontinued model? Will we soon be driven and flown?
Challenges and opportunities for society, business and politics in the city of the future.
The influence of climate change, digitalization and Generation X/YZ ... on our future mobility round off his range of topics. In addition to the challenges, Kleebinder looks in particular at the opportunities for the energy, telecommunications and logistics sectors.

You can find many more videos on his lecture topics on his YouTube channel. You can also follow Hans-Peter Kleebinder on LinkedIn to make sure you don't miss any news.

Keynote Speaker Dr. Hans-Peter Kleebinder