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Jochen Schweizer

Entrepreneur, investor, extreme athlete
Entrepreneurship, motivation, extreme sports
German, English

If you don't risk anything, you're guaranteed to lose!

Jochen Schweizer has experienced a lot in his life - in sports and in business. He has dared to do many things, overcome fears and realized his dreams. But he has also had to endure tremendous setbacks. For many years, he has been passing on his experiences as a motivational speaker in lectures and public appearances. Jochen Schweizer is a successful founder-entrepreneur, well-known from TV and bestselling author.

lectures by Jochen Schweizer

You can't give up: it's the inner attitude that counts

Jochen Schweizer is authentic and clearly structured. He talks exclusively about things he has experienced himself. Also about failure and how you can emerge stronger from a crisis.

Life in the Extremes: From stuntman to successful entrepreneur

Anyone can rise above themselves! The former stuntman and successful entrepreneur Jochen Schweizer has shown in all his milestones that life does not give us a task without also giving us the strength to master it.

Courage can be learned: using risk as an opportunity

Courage is one thing above all, namely confidence in one's own abilities. In his inspiring and encouraging presentation, Jochen Schweizer shows how he developed his courage mindset, which recognizes the opportunity in risk.


As one of the best-known top speakers in the DACH region, the former stuntman provides important impulses on success, risk and resilience in his motivating keynotes. He shows how to emerge strengthened from crises and become the entrepreneur of your own life. In doing so, he draws his knowledge from his own experience. Because yokes Swiss knows, of which it speaks: From its passion for unusual developed yokes Swiss already before over 25 years the vision to make experiences for everyone accessible and created the enterprise kayak sport Productions from which later its success enterprise yokes Swiss became, which ranks among one of the most well-known marks in the German-speaking countries.

He also conveys his courage to move forward without fear of failure as an investor in the start-up show "Die Höhle der Löwen" on VOX from 2014 - 2016.This was followed in 2017 by the opening of the Jochen Schweizer Arena, a unique event location with numerous extraordinary experiences for private individuals and corporate clients in the south of Munich. Jochen Schweizer stands for experience like no other. In 2019, the former TV investor's own primetime TV show from Die Höhle der Löwen - The Dream Job - ran on ProSieben. On November 2, 2021, his latest, third book "The Encounter - A story about the path to a self-determined life" was published.

As a motivational speaker, he specifically addresses the key principles of success - steadfastness, consistency, healthy ambition, overcoming fear and the central DNA of any success: operational excellence. "I've realized that many experiences I've had in my life and decisions I've made in certain situations can help other people in their lives. And that brings me joy."

Keynote Speaker Jochen Schweizer