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Thomas M. Stein

Top-Manager, entertainment expert, trendsetter
Marketing and Sales trends, identifying opportunies, successful goal setting
German, English

Said and Done!

Thomas M. Stein, a top manager in the music industry, is an important person in the international music business. From apprentice to being the boss of a large media company – the rise of the music producer alone gives clear evidence of his extraordinary drive and commitment. Thomas M. Stein has already led internationally acclaimed singers such as Peter Maffay or Falco to success and became known to millions of spectators as a jury member in the TV show „Deutschland sucht den Superstar“ (“Germany seeks the superstar”).

SZ Magazin -

"He has given the German music industry a face."

Globe Business College München -

"Thank you again for your participation at Globe Business College in Munich. It was great for the students to hear about your experience and get feedback from you."

Regina Wenninger - Genossenschaftsverband Bayern

"Thank you very much for your emotional words at the Association Day of Bavarian Cooperative Banks. With your words, you inspired our guests in the hall. The remarks on the change in the music industry were very enlightening. You made it clear how extensive this change can be and how important it is to take the employees with you. Your urgent appeal to always have the needs of the customers in mind and, moreover, your request at the end to approach the challenges with a positive mood will certainly remain in the memory of our members."

lectures by Thomas M. Stein

Teams + Trends - What trade and industry can learn from music business

The music business and its players are considered to be hip trendsetters. Many trendsetting developments have had their origin in this extremely fast moving market. Old sales structures being replaced by download purchases „on demand“, rapid changes in the media used – switching from MC and records to CD and MP3 -, and new business models such as music file sharing services on the internet are only some of the examples of the past years. Tastes are constantly changing, new styles are being developed, in short, it’s a people’s business, vibrant and highly adaptive.

the first note is the key: why life is a casting show

The first impression counts! But how do you face unknown people and challenging, new situation with confidence and at the same time use this crucial moment to score points for yourself?

Respect. Power. Success - How community works

For people to live and work together in harmony, respect is indispensable. Yet, we increasingly lose sight of this virtue, says Global Topspeaker Thomas M. Stein. In his capacity as a top manager in the international entertainment industry, he found that as soon as people become successful, some of them become disrespectful, too. He therefore demands: More respect! Personal stories about his career, from an apprentice in a publishing house to one of the most powerful people in the music industry, illustrate: We need to show respect to our fellow humans but we also have to demand it for ourselves. Companies where an atmosphere of respect prevails among colleagues, employees and customers are more successful than others. 

The Business must go on - strategies from the music industry for corporate success

Being one of Germany’s most popular music managers, Global Topspeaker Thomas M. Stein has seen the rise and fall of many stars. Only a few artists enjoy long-term success, however. An amazing voice and musical talent simply aren’t enough in the long run. Instead, it’s the very same characteristics and skills that successfully establish companies on the market in every other industry as well that count. In his presentation, Thomas M. Stein reveals the music industry’s most important success strategies and transfers them to other sectors, so that your business idea doesn’t end up a one-hit wonder. Promoting creative employees and properly interacting with leaders is the decisive key factor for the successful management of a company.


With Thomas Stein, one of the world’s best speakers, you will bring one of the most senior managers in Germany, who is also a superstar in his own right, to your event! Due to his own hard work and achievements, charismatic speaker Thomas Stein became one of the top managers in the international music industry. He guided artists such as Peter Maffay, Alicia Keyes, Falco, and SNAP towards success. Furthermore, he managed several international corporations very successfully.

Large television audiences know him as juror ´Uncle Stein` of seasons 1 and 2 of RTL's highly popular Pop Idol version called ´Deutschland sucht den Superstar`, where together with Dieter Bohlen, he presided in his capacity as former President Europe/Vice President of A & R - Marketing at BMG. His rhetorically always elegant, but no less striking statements about the candidates’ performances are legendary.

International top manager Thomas Stein has learned the music business from the bottom up. He worked his way from an apprentice in sales to the highest ranks of the German entertainment industry. All on his own, with incredible initiative, innovativeness, and distinctive talent, he became the figurehead of an entire industry. As a sales and marketing genius, he always went for unusual solutions, he recognized trends far in advance, saw opportunities, and made sure that his team reached the necessary goals. He constantly chose new, sometimes risky, and occasionally uncomfortable ways. His motto was that ´We have to create events when they do not occur by themselves.` His willingness to take risks and to seize opportunities was always high; his success always proved him right.

Despite his dynamism and determination however, he never neglected the human element. He stood and stands for total reliability in a volatile industry. Entertainment industry expert Thomas Stein is considered a courageous ´doer` with a heart, who always carried on even after professional and personal setbacks. There is no room in his vocabulary for ´giving up`.

It is precisely this rare blend of professionalism, emotions and innovation that makes his captivating and exceptional keynotes so special and extremely useful. His audience will learn how to adapt these precious insider insights from the music industry to their own businesses. They will learn how to recognize and understand trends early, to take advantage of opportunities for success, and to be faster than the rest of the market! Top Speaker Thomas Stein explains how to put together your best teams, how to motivate and encourage them, and to get the most out of creatives and marketers. Thomas Stein’s keynotes shake up and invite listeners to think out of the box, more quickly, and differently!

A keynote by Thomas Stein is the highlight of any event and allows your guests to immerse themselves in the glamorous world of the music industry. Audiences will receive innovative and crystal clear impulses for their future successes. They will be fascinated by Thomas Stein’s motivation and sheer dynamism!

Keynote Speaker Thomas M. Stein