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Performance improvement and mental fitness: Dieter Hackfort joins GTS

Portrait von Stratege Prof. Dr. Dieter Hackfort

Everyone knows that top-managers often face stressful situations. They have to deal with a lot of different challenges. Although most of them are experts of a certain kind and know exactly what they have to do when it comes to solving theoretical problems, some executives need support in the field of mental fitness to improve their performance.

Global Topspeakers agency is therefor very happy to announce that Prof. Dr. Dieter Hackfort, a well-known expert in the analysis of performance potentials for single individuals and teams, joins the company. Hackfort, who specializes in performance analysis and performance improvement, acting in stressful situations and career development, is an excellent keynote speaker.

The famous sports psychologist worked together with Olympic athletes and Formula 1 Championship winners and trained them about mental fitness. Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel are only two of his clients who benefited from his training for stressful situations.

„Professor Hackfort's keynotes are entertaining and show an impressive way how the experiences from professional sport can be used systematically for the successful management of performance and stress at work and in everyday life,“ says Heinrich Kürzeder, CEO of Global Topspeakers.