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Memory-world champion Boris Nikolai Konrad with his first movie role

On the 3rd of October the documentation “Memory Games” will air in German cinemas and present people with extraordinary memory performance. Besides Germany the movie aired already in several countries on the streaming service Netflix. “Memory Games” gives a glimpse in to the life of four people in the U.S., Germany and Mongolia which have an incredibly well-trained memory and fight about the title of memory-world champion. Global Topspeaker and brain researcher Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad already won this title a couple of times. He will also be part of the movie directed by Jante Tobias and Claus Wehlisch.

Rightly, Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad is one of the best memory sportsmen. With his astonishing abilities to remember things, numbers and any kind of information the memory trainer made it four times into the Guinness World Record book. His enthusiasm for learning techniques, learning methods and memory training is more than a passion. Being a well-known neuroscientist, he researches the functions and the efficiency of our brain – because without our memory we are nothing.

These fascinating qualities are thematised in “Memory Games”. The movie shows different and extraordinary methods on how to remember complex things and relations and to reproduce them as similar as possible. With the use of 3-D-Animations the film makers try to present the visualization techniques vividly. Thereby they give an insight into the performance of our brain. With regard to our learning performance says the former world record holder: “Memory training is not only for scholars, students and world record holders: Learning strategies (Mnemotechniques) help everyone in the shortest amount of time to evolve their performance. Livelong learning keeps the brain fit.”