Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad

Gedächtnis Weltrekordhalter Dr. Boris Nicolai Konrad im Porträt

Occupation: Memory world record holder

Field(s) of expertise: Memory training, learning technology, remembering names

Language(s): German, English, Dutch

You too can improve your memory!

Would you like to instantly remember the name of a new customer? Hold lectures without notes or learn languages very easily? In his entertaining lectures which feature an exciting mixture of entertainment, show and memory training, Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad - the world record holder in memorizing names - shows an enthusiastic audience that anyone can bring their memory to peak performances! “Germany’s super brain” Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad will show you how fascinating and amusing learning can be.

Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad has been among the world elite in memory sport for years, and his enormous retentiveness has already been entered in the Guinness Book of Records several times. His enthusiasm for learning technique, learning methods and memory training has long since become a passion which he passes on to his audience in amusing and instructive memory shows with incredible experiments. Mnemonic techniques with the aid of watchwords and images have been tried for millennia and playfully easy to learn, but they have never been conveyed in such a lively manner!

The scientific fundamentals on which his knowledge of learning techniques and the retentiveness of the human brain are based are as profound as the gleet-footed way in which the memory expert presents his learning strategies: after his studies in physics and computer science, Dr. Boris N. Konrad earned his doctorate on the neuronal fundamentals of extraordinary memory performances at the Max Planck Institute. He is currently engaged in research as a neuroscientist at the Donders Institute in Nijmegen/Netherlands.

Three times he impressed viewers with his enormous retentive abilities in the German television show “Wetten, dass..?” (“Wanna bet, that...?”). He won the German TV show “Deutschlands Superhirn” (“Germany’s Super Brain”) with moderator Jörg Pilawa, and in Chinese television over 100 million viewers saw his performance in “The Brain”. For his hobby the memory trainer also makes his weight felt as President of “MemoryXL”: The European Memory Advancement Association is the world’s largest memory sports association.

In 2010, Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad received the “5 Sterne Redner Award” in the category "Best Newcomer" for his outstanding achievements as a speaker and in 2013 he received the “5 Sterne Redner Award” for extraordinary achievements.

Additional information:

  • President of MemoryXL, the European Memory Advancement Association
  • Boris Nikolai Konrad has been in the Top 10 Memory rankings worldwide for years
  • German representative of the World Sport Stacking Association

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Participant Comments

„The event was super! Many thanks once again to Mr Konrad.”

Anke Nerlich / Stadt Mannheim / Management-/Personalentwicklung

„It was an extremely interesting evening with many instructive ideas and techniques on how to make our day-to-day lives easier. Boris Nikolai Konrad put across the complex subject of memory training in a relaxed and playful way. Both young and old were clearly fascinated by his presentation. Thank you for the excellent event.”

Florian Möckel und Peter Seiler / Marketing-Club Augsburg e.V. / geschäftsführender Vorstand / Beirat

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