Boris Nikolai Konrad

Memory world record holder
Memory training, learning technology, remembering names
German, English, Dutch

A good memory can be learned!

Would you like to remember the name of a new customer straight away? Give lectures without taking notes or learn languages with ease? In his entertaining lectures, a rousing mixture of entertainment, show and memory training, brain researcher, artificial intelligence expert and world record holder in remembering names Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad proves to his audience that anyone can bring their memory to peak performance! "Germany's super brain" Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad shows you how fascinating and amusing learning can be. In his lectures on artificial intelligence (AI) and the brain of the future, the brain researcher explains the latest findings from neuroscience in an amusing and vivid way and answers the questions of whether we will remain smarter than the robots and how technology is changing our thinking.
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"Fascinating talk by Boris Nikolai Konrad, world record holder in remembering names."

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"Boris Nikolai Konrad also delighted the guests of honor with his memory exercises."

MACH AG - Hendrik Deus

"Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad amazed our audience by remembering over 40 names and faces in a short time and recognizing them in the lecture. Entertaining and refreshing, Dr. Konrad then revealed his learning techniques. An invigorating, educational and entertaining lecture!"

lectures by Boris Nikolai Konrad

Memory training for eyerone

Names, digits, full presentations - whoever is capable of storing these in their memory with ease has a clear advantage compared to most of the population. Memory world record holder Boris Nikolai Konrad explains his techniques in this engaging keynote speech.

Super brain - memory training with a world champion

It's easy to remember names, numbers and lectures: if you can do this, you have a clear advantage - both privately and professionally. The methods for this can be learned by everyone. Get to know the memory techniques of Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad and use the training talent of the multiple world record holder and winner of the TV show "Deutschlands Superhirn" to motivate yourself to explore your own memory in a new way.

Memory training for unforgettable events

You want your event to be remembered for a long time? With the multiple memory world record holder Dr. Konrad, you can ensure an unforgettable event. After the lecture, your participants will not only be able to remember more, but will also remember your event in the best and longest lasting way.

Lecture aritficial intelligence - are we staying smarter than robots?

There are many speculations, but what are robots really capable of? This lecture on the topic of artificial intelligence shows what opportunities and risks artificial intelligences hold. Computer scientist and brain researcher Dr Boris Nikolai Konrad knows how far artificial intelligence (AI) has been developed and researched so far. And he asks the provocative question: Will we remain smarter than the robots that are constantly learning? Because what has been shown in Hollywood science fiction films for decades - as loyal companions on adventure journeys like R2D2 or villains who want to usurp world domination - looks different in reality.

Future brain - how technology changes our thinking

How will future technologies change our ability to think and remember? How can we optimise our memory? And how vulnerable is our brain? In his lecture, the brain researcher and 5-star speaker Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad gives a trend-setting overview of the latest questions and findings in brain research, which will soon influence our private and professional lives. The exceptional scientist will show his audience how the interaction between our memory and new technologies works, what opportunities and dangers they hold and how companies can prepare for future developments in good time.

Why diversity is necessary for innovation and learning

Memory needs diversity to develop effectively. Consequently, lived diversity in companies leads to significant competitive advantages. This is what this lecture shows. 5 star speaker and neuroscientist Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad explains impressively why our brain works more efficiently in a diverse work environment. Diversity in the working world stimulates the memory of entrepreneurs and employees and ensures more creativity, innovation and learning ability.

Space in our head: stress-free through life

Most people find it increasingly difficult to get down from their daily stress levels in their private and professional lives. But what possibilities are there to create space in one's head and thus go through life stress-free? The 5-star speaker and brain researcher Dr. Boris Nikolaus Konrad has been dealing with this important question in his studies for many years. In his exciting lecture, the world champion in memory now gives his audience valuable tips on how everyone can succeed in dealing with the daily flood of information in a relaxed manner.


The brain researcher and AI expert teaches at various universities and is currently researching the foundations of outstanding memory and thinking skills at Radboud University. The expert for AI Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad is the author of the highly amusing Ariston top title "Alles nur in meinem Kopf - die Geheimnisse unseres Gehirns" (All in my head - the secrets of our brain) and the classic book on memory training "Superhirn - Gedächtnistraining mit einem Weltmeister" (Goldegg). As a world-class memory athlete, he holds numerous world records, is a multiple team world champion and a regular guest on TV and radio in Germany (Wetten, Dass...?!, Markus Lanz, Galileo, Planet Wissen, Deutschlands Superhirn and many more), China, Japan, USA, Great Britain and the Netherlands. As a memory expert, he is also a sought-after interview partner in the print media worldwide (including Spiegel, New York Times, Psychology Today, Wired).

With his enormous memory capacity, the brain researcher has already entered the Guinness Book of Records several times. His enthusiasm for learning techniques, learning methods and memory training has long since become a passion, which he passes on to his audience in amusing and instructive memory shows with amazing experiments. Mnemonics using mnemonic words and pictures have been tried and tested for centuries and are child's play to learn, but never before have they been taught in such a sparkling way!

As light-footed as the artificial intelligence expert presents his learning strategies, as profound are the scientific foundations on which his knowledge of learning techniques and the memory capacity of the human brain is based: After studying physics and computer science, Dr. Boris N. Konrad did his doctorate at the Max Planck Institute on the neuronal basis of extraordinary memory performance. He is currently a neuroscientist at the Donders Institute in Nijmegen/Netherlands.

Brain researcher Dr Boris Nikolai Konrad won the show "Germany's Super Brain" with Jörg Pilawa and on Chinese television over 100 million viewers watched his appearance on "The Brain". The world record holder, who is known far beyond Germany, Austria and Switzerland, also promotes his hobby of memory training as president of "MemoryXL": The European Society for the Promotion of Memory is the largest memory sports association in the world. In addition, he is successful nationwide in competitions for knowledge communication, such as Science Slam and FameLab.

For his outstanding success as a speaker, AI expert Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad has already received the 5 Star Speaker Award three times: in the category "Best Newcomer", for his extraordinary achievements and as "Best Performer Trainer". Konrad also received the certificate as a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). His audio book "Das perfekte Namensgedächtnis" (The Perfect Name Memory) is also one of the best-selling books in the 5 Star Shop. In 2016, Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad became the youngest speaker in the world to be awarded the highest international distinction for full-time speakers by the American National Speakers Association: only 7 percent of speakers worldwide can call themselves "Certified Speaking Professional".

Successes in memory sports:

  • since 2004 winner of numerous memory championships
  • since 2009 several world records in memory sports
  • 2007, 2008, 2012, 2013 and 2015 - World Team Champion in memory sports.
  • 2012 the memory trainer is winner of "Germany's super brain" on ZDF
  • 2013 World record in remembering words (119 in 5 minutes), world champion in remembering names
  • 2014 Guinness world record in knowing capitals
  • 2015 Improved own world record - remembering 215 names and faces in 15 minutes
  • 2016 Presented in the Guinness Book of World Records


  • Scientific publications in journals and volumes, e.g.
  • "Grenzen menschlicher Gedächtnisleistungen", in "Grenzen unseres Geistes", Hirzel Verlag 2010.
  • "The perfect memory for names - remembering names with the 5-star method", audio book, Gabal Verlag 2011
  • "Super brain. Memory training with a world champion", Goldegg Verlag 2013
  • "Everything only in my head: The secrets of our brain", Ariston Verlag 2016

Additional information:

  • President of MemoryXL, the European Memory Advancement Association
  • Boris Nikolai Konrad has been in the Top 10 Memory rankings worldwide for years
  • German representative of the World Sport Stacking Association
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