„2029 – Intelligence first! “Janszky invites again to future-congress

Zukunftsforum mit Trendforscher Sven Gabor Janzky ©ThomasRosenthal.de2

For the 18th time the future-congress of 2bAHEAD ThinkTank takes place in Wolfsburg on 4th and 5th of June 2019. Because of the invitation of Europe’s most innovative futurologist and Global Topspeaker Sven Gabor Janszky, 300 CEO’s or innovative leaders from different industries will meet in Wolfsburg to discuss the subject of intelligence.

Especially artificial intelligence will be the leading beater in following years in the field of economy and society. It will change our day to day life to be much faster and literally will boost it with intelligence. If the forecasts about artificial intelligence prove to be true, our life and world in 2029 will be much more intelligent than it is today. The fundamental questions, which leads to correct guidance for the congress participants, must be: How will a ten times smarter company look like? Which role will our companies have in an economic world filled with billion intelligent bots? How will an economic order under Chinese leading look like? Which impact has this on German companies, German managers and the German economy? What kind of education is necessary? Are the human ethics enough for the world in the future?

Sven Gabor Janszky invited well-known speakers to the future-congress to answers those questions. For example, the British professor Kevin Warwick, expert in the field of “Artificial intelligence and the human’s part”. Because of several self-experiments he is also known as the first Cyborg in the world. The head of the European department of the Chinese Startup Infervision Yipeng Sun will present the vision of medicine in 2029: ten times smarter, based on AI and Deep Learning. Also, Aliya Prokofyeva from Russia, CEO of the GALAKTIKA Group, presents the vision EFIR, a space station for 10.000 people, which works with artificial gravity.

Applications for the 18th future congress are possible via this link:


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