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Norman Bücher started the 7 CONTINENTS World Tour

On the 11th of May endurance runner Norman Bücher started the 7 CONTINENTS World Tour. In several stages the Global Topspeaker wants to run through the seven continents with the main goal to collect as many voices of children and teenagers as possible. He will present those voices in September 2024 in front of the 79. UN General Assembly in New York. The endurance runner started his preparations and intensive training a long time ago to be able to cope with this challenge and to start 7 CONTINENTS on the 11th of May at the Brandenburger Gate in Berlin.

After round about 50 days and around 2500km distance, the Global Topspeaker Norman Bücher will arrive in Istanbul, the end of the first stage. Bücher aims to run around 40 to 60 kilometres a day. In his rucksack he carries a flag, on which a microphone is pictured. The microphone symbolizes the voices of children, teenagers and young adults, who the Global Topspeaker will interview during his daily stages. Additionally, all his supporters which make this project possible, people, organisations and companies, are pictured on the flag.

To gain more supporters for this incredible project, Bücher originated a Crowdfunding-Campaign. Companies, who decide to support this giant project financially, receive a lecture as a 7 CONTINENTS-thank you. Additionally, the company logo will be printed on to the 7 CONTINENTS flag, which the Global Topspeaker will carry over every single finish line over the seven years. Bücher chose Istanbul to be the first finish line because of its symbolic character: Istanbul is the only city worldwide on two continents and has the same connecting imagery as Norman Büchers run around the world.