Will we stay ahead of robots, memory trainer Boris Konrad?

Dr. Konrad erforscht die Geheimnisse und Fähigkeiten unseres Gehirns.

How does Artificial Intelligence (AI) change our daily lives? Are humans losing their meaning? Will our brain keep up at all? And what influence does technology have on our thinking? Questions that the memory trainer, brain researcher and Global Topspeaker Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad gets asked daily and answers these questions in his lecture on artificial intelligence. But the big question that resonates with in all questions: “Will we stay ahead of robots?"

Robots, artificial intelligences and bots became famous through science fiction films from Hollywood and still guarantee full cinemas today. In most cases, the AI presents itself as a villain who wants to seize world domination. This has created a fear of the AI and also a fear of the future. But is this fear justified? The brain researcher and memory trainer knows how far artificial intelligence has been developed and researched so far. Many inventions can already be found in our smartphones and homes. “Alexa, Siri and Co. are just the beginning,” says memory trainer Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad.

In his lecture on artificial intelligence, the multiple memory wold champion and “Germany’s super-brain” will therefore address the development of AI in the future precisely and in tune with the audience. In his AI lecture, the memory trainer succeeds in taking away the fear of the superiority of robots, bots and machines. Brain researcher Boris Nikolai Konrad rather shows how many opportunities the AI offers humans: “We humans, too, can become more intelligent if we learn from machines or use the findings of brain research. Whether we are prepared to do this will decide if we will continue to control computers in the future or vice versa.” In his lecture on artificial intelligence, memory trainer Boris Nikolai Konrad also clearly mentions the dangers of AI, which in his opinion lie in the way we humans use artificial intelligence.

In his lecture on artificial intelligence, the brain researcher and memory trainer thus succeeds in giving an entertaining, interesting and scientific insight into the world of AI and robots and how we humans benefit from the new technologies and at the same time remain the focus and interface.

Memory trainer, brain researcher and Global Topspeaker Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad is convinced: “The future is good! If we use the best AI and at the same time remain willing to learn from it ourselves.”

Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad is a humorous keynote speaker who can be booked exclusively via the speaker’s agency 5 Sterne Redner with his lectures on memory training and artificial intelligence. The memory coach and brain researcher attaches great importance to an individual, industry-specific coordination of his lectures for the customer. Memory trainer Boris Nikolai Konrad succeeds in humorously and scientifically taking the fear of new technologies and encouraging the future.

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