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Diversity is an important aspect in the fight for applicants

Companies must become more and more creative to enthuse qualified employees. Therefore, it needs an appealing depiction in all kinds of job advertisement. Salary, a company car, the weekly fruit basket and the foosball table aren’t that appealing to new employees anymore. Instead, it is important that the values and goals of a company convince the applicant and turn them into a long-time employee. Colleagues who share the same values bond with each other and the company. Therefore, it is necessary that the companies know what the right values and goals are to make them appealing. When those are defined, they also need to be clearly communicated.

Diversity has become one of the leading arguments that appeals to applicants. Several studies have shown that companies benefit from diversity as diverse teams deliver much better results. However, it is equally important that diversity and equality aren’t just a means to an end. The key therefore is diversity management. Especially millennials feel addressed by diverse teams but recognise quickly whether those values cover with reality. If not, they feel disappointed and leave the company. One important value therefore must be: Be authentic!

Global Topspeaker and former manager Stefanie Voss deals with the topic of diversity in society and companies for several years. For her the solution for HR-questions in the future is diversity. Until now not all industries suffer from the lack of qualified employees. But more and more people will retire in the following years and demographic change will appear even stronger. But that is not everything: Skill shortage will also influence those industries, which do not share this concern by now. Therefore, it is sensible to think about alternatives for the future now.

“So far companies rely on the “usual formula”: white, heterosexual men, middle aged. But personnel managers have to think about making the right decisions for the future. How does the right human resource policy look like?”, questions Stefanie Voss. In her opinion companies have to rely on applicants that are not on their radar right now and start to rethink their human resource policy. “Studies have shown that companies benefit from diverse teams. The key for the future has to be: More varied teams equal more creativity. People with immigrant background often move between two cultures, speak more than one language and are more flexible. A lot of people in power have not recognized that,” says the Global Topspeaker Stefanie Voss.

For the former manager it is obvious that women also fit in every team. There are several signs for more women in leading positions but there is still so much to do: “Both groups, females and people with immigrant background perceive certain situations differently and therefore deliver different solutions than their male colleagues,” adds the expert for gendering. On subject of the whole economy: “Sadly most companies stick to old rules and habits. But some companies already employed diversity managers.” In this case the former manager refers on her own experiences: Diverse teams initialize undiscovered opportunities. The Global Topspeaker is convinced that being open towards the topic of diversity enables a company to act more creative and open and enhances the potentials: “Diversity is all about red lines! We need to leave our comfort zone to experience diversity”, says the Global Topspeaker Stefanie Voss.