Stefanie Voss

Leadership-Expertin Stefanie Voss.

Occupation: circumnavigator, leadership and communications expert

Field(s) of expertise: Sailing, team, leadership, communications, diversity, change, VUCA

Language(s): German, English

Sailing is equal parts passion and hard work!

As a circumnavigator and executive, Stefanie Voss learned that not the wind direction but our actions decide whether the ship remains on course or not. To the dynamic speaker it is quite clear: Leadership equates responsibility and self-guidance means to take the sails into your own hands! Stefanie Voss takes her audience on a journey to themselves and demonstrates how one does not lose sight of one’s goal – even under unfavourable conditions!

She has set the sails, the wind blowing around the prow, and her destination is clear. And for this trek circumnavigator and Global Topspeaker Stefanie Voss invites her audience on board. As a former manager of a Germany DAX-rated company, Voss shows her passengers what it means to lead others. She encourages her audience to take responsibility, to live leadership, embrace diversity and gender equality, and to work together as a team. And at the same time one must assume a leader’s responsibility for one’s own self, whether on land or at sea. She loves change and the challenges that come with it, and with this passion she inspires and animates others. Because in her mind one thing is clear: "A leader lies in everyone. But only those ready to create a clear direction for themselves can truly make an impact on others and create positive change.”

The seasoned mariner and former corporate department head Stefanie Voss takes the helm, inspiring her audience to seize their own life and not just let it pass them by. "It’s always possible to set course for yourself, time and again," she says. She illustrates strategies of self-management and self-responsibility and at the same time enthuses her audiences through her dynamic and lively presentation. With a passionate delivery, Stefanie Voss encourages us to accept failures, always learning from them and always looking ahead. By also tapping into her vivid experiences in long distance sailing, she shows how stepping out of one’s personal comfort zone motivates clear decision making while pursuing new paths, with improvement and steady progress always in the wind. It is clear to see in her presentation that she lives these philosophies of personal responsibility, every day and with all her heart.

The refreshing sea breeze surrounding Global Topspeaker Stefanie Voss can be felt throughout the room as the internationally active speaker brings her experience circumnavigating the globe and as a leader in a DAX-rated company to her audience through authentic, inspiring, open, and clear language.

Let her inspire you with creative ideas on the great variety of possibilities that life has to offer, both personally and professionally. Being a sailor, a leadership expert and passionate speaker, she makes it clear how easy it can be to set a new course and reach challenging goals. Start your journey and become your own leader with the lectures of Stefanie Voss!

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Participant Comments

„Dear Stefanie, your workshop on “my Vision - my Career - my Life” is a must for every woman keen on personal development. Thank you! The very moment you are back at Mannheim Business School I will sign up again for another round of creative self-reflection.“

Nadja Scherer / Pankaboard Deutschland GmbH / Managing Director

"Thanks, everything went well with Stefanie Voss. She delivered as expected and was a good speaker."

Stephanie Baxter / RISI / Event manager

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