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Change Management: How to react when employees refuse to accept change

Companies aiming for internal change often face their employee’s resistance – even if change means improvement for everybody. Having a defensive attitude is normal. But how should an executive react towards those negative reactions and change them into positive energy? Global Topspeaker Ilja Grzeskowitz is an expert for change management and has some valuable advice.

In his lectures the change expert Grzeskowitz shows that change is necessary in every company. Change is the only way a company remains competitive and secure in the future. At the same time change often causes potential for conflict. Especially for employees change appears in the same sentence as reorganization and new processes. Employees need to learn different software programs or work with different colleagues. For them change means: Out off the comfort zone. What may seem difficult in the beginning has a lot of benefits in the future, like making the company act faster and much more flexible.

Which was a long thought through decision of the management, often seems like a quick and impetuous decision to employees. In most cases they will face accomplished facts, don’t know the strategy behind the decision and feel taken by surprise. To Ilja Grzeskowitz this is the wrong way of establishing change successfully. This way the staff will be provoked. The change expert recommends communicating with the staff early and open about upcoming change.

The key to a successful change management is the conversation at eye level. Being a referent and keynote speaker Ilja Grzeskowitz shows how to implement change with tact and patience. It is the best way to explain the reasons for change. Often it also helps to put oneself in the position of the employee: Where does all this scepticism come from? Why do they perceive change as a threat? The executive should take those feelings and concerns seriously.

Successful change management means to Ilja Grzeskowitz successful communication. With the right word’s resistance and a negative attitude towards change stop. His essentials for successful change management Ilja Grzeskowitz mediates in his motivating lectures and shows how positive change can be.