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Michael Carl publishes new study on smart buildings

With the developments of the future, it is not only a question of HOW we will live and work before long but, above, all a question of WHERE. Global Topspeaker Michael Carl and his team at the renowned German trend research institute 2b AHEAD ThinkTank analysed how buildings will change in the coming years. In this context, they have now published their study “Smart Buildings 2030: Business Models for the Security Technology of the future”..

„The power of artificial intelligence continues to develop at breakneck speed. Its potential will shape the architecture, the building trade and the security industry of the future”, explains trend researcher and strategy expert Michael Carl. „Mere structures will turn into intelligent and self-learning buildings that act autonomously.“ The trend study shows that smart devices and powerful sensors will put the buildings into the position to cater to the individual needs of the users – in their apartments as well as at their place of work. The building of the future will be able to recognise and to have a favourable impact on the identity, emotion and state of health of its users. Consequently, business companies will thus be in the position to positively influence the sickness rate and efficiency of their teams.

At the same time, the efficiency and security in smart buildings can be significantly increased by means of these technologies as well. Interconnected fire detectors, security cameras and security checks at the entrance to the buildings not only represent more security for the buildings but also for the people living and working in them. By the year 2030, digitisation will have moved into apartment, office and industrial buildings and will lead to substantial change.

The trend researcher’s prognosis: A major part of this development won’t happen in new buildings at all but will take place with the digitisation of existing ones. Simply on account of the long service life of buildings in combination with the ever faster technological connectivity, the real opportunity for the smart building of the future definitely lies in this sector. 2b AHEAD ThinkTank’s latest trend analysis clearly illustrates this fact by way of four development phases.

In his fascinating presentation “The Security of the Buildings of the Future”, futurologist Michael Carl addresses the findings of this research and the trend towards smart buildings, too. He explains how people’s need and sense of security has changed in the past years and what impact this will have on the building industry of tomorrow, amongst others. The study is available for free download here (in German).