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Norman Gräter

Inspirer, motivational speaker, mental coach, life coach
Inspiration, achievement, leadership, motivation
German, English

“The future will arrive – change yourself or you will be changed”

Keynote speaker Norman Graeter always puts the focus on the human being. His speeches are bursting with passion, enthusiasm and motivation. He always concentrates on the person itself within the employee, customer and business partner - and recognizes therein long-lasting success in times of change and digitalization. His audience will experience exciting inspiration that reaches everyone and that can cause some small and even bigger change. Not for nothing is spell binder Norman Graeter double European champion in public speaking - the highest award for speakers in German language.

Iiue Kauta - Stadt Windhoek, Namibia

„It really changed my life in thesense that I will accomplish what I set out to do. It was really a timewell spent and I would not want to have missed itfor anything else.”

Beate Nowak - Viessmann Deutschland GmbH

"Norman Gräter gave a lecture on 19.06.2015 at our internal sales event on the topic "Move it - Success only comes to those who act". With his positive manner, he managed in a short time to inspire and carry away the audience and let them actively participate in his lecture. Mr. Gräter made us all laugh, marvel and also think.

In a nutshell, Mr. Gräter fully met our expectations, we would recommend him anytime."

Gustl Eder - Alumni-Verein der German Graduate School of Management and Law

"With a good mix of factual content, humor and little magic tricks, Normal Gräter took us on his journey and Vision 2020. He managed to illustrate how one's attitude is reflected and how one can achieve exponentially more with more commitment, motivation and enthusiasm."

Susen Knabner -

"An invigorating and unforgettable lecture we were privileged to hear. With their presentation style, they encouraged us to think more positively and to immediately put what they said into action. Thank you so much for giving us this inspiration. An evening that we will remember for a long time."

Michael Hummelbrunner - Magna Steyr

"This year, we were able to win Norman Gräter as an external speaker for our annual Finance Workshop.During his presentation, Mr. Gräter was able to inspire Magna Steyr Finance executives worldwide to perhaps rethink or question one or the other topic from their professional as well as private environment a little and provide new food for thought.This program item was clearly the highlight of our workshop, the positive mood afterwards was noticeable and tangible in the room - all participants thanked him with a standing ovation for this great input."

lectures by Norman Gräter

Move it - only those who act are successful

„Would you like to accomplish something special in your life, do you have higher goals?“ 29% say yes, 65% no and 6% say I don’t know (source: Statista 2013). Those who belong to the 65% of the interviewees who answered „no“ cannot even be helped with inspiration about new things. Those, however, who have realized that life has to offer much more than Hartz 4 (unemployment benefit) and 20 hours of TV, can be helped.

focusing on people - self-management is changing

In business, new technologies as well as cost and time constraints are continuously increasing, the tasks are becoming more complex and versatile and competition is intensifying: No matter whether in a small family business, a mid-sized company or in a corporation, executives and entrepreneurs by definition bear a big responsibility and have to act as a role model. Many succeed in staying on the ball over a long period of time – motivated and successful. Those constantly overachieving, however, who at the same time have to fight on all fronts and are responsible for employees as well, run the risk of ending up on the dreaded hamster wheel.

the future is fun - motivation in times of change

The biggest illusion that we humans have, is that our „head“ guides us through our daily life. However, our head is only the press officer. But who then is our body’s CEO and thus responsible for change? Who makes the decisions and who merely executes what is determined somewhere else? What is behind our own motivation and what does this have to do with our emotions? Is it really always the environment, technical progress, colleagues, superiors or the job that are to blame for a failure or do I control it all myself after all? It makes no sense to blame it all on digitisation, change in the world or disruption, however, as these are nothing but symptoms. We need to address the cause first.

courage for the future - man at the centre of change

People’s fear of new technologies and artificial intelligence is steadily growing. Questions about the future and questions such as „With these prospects, how can I motivate myself time and again and get enthusiastic about new tasks?“ are being asked more and more frequently. An absolute horror scenario - from a personal as well as from a corporate point of view. To inspirer Norman Graeter, courage for the future is the key to success. Only those who are interested in new technologies, have a flexible mind and are prepared to change will find their place in the world of tomorrow long-term.


Norman Gräter had been working for 24 years at Würth Group, including 16 years in the position as team leader in event management. Then he decided to become known as a keynote speaker and coach at global level. His intention was more than obvious:

In the course of those more than 24 years, he worked with outstanding personalities such as David Garrett, Anastacia, Nobel laureate Bishop Desmond Tutu, the Blue Man Group, the artists of Cirque Du Soleil and the German former chancellor Gerhard Schröder. During his work he acquired the necessary skills how to lead and inspire people and how to achieve self-determined goals. Furthermore, he still conducts interviews with icons like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pamela Anderson and many others about their secrets for success and contentment in life. Eventually, Norman recognized why people keep failing their goals and what is essential in order to accomplish them with immediate effect. As a consequence he created “AnkerR”, a certain methodology described in his successful book “Titel auf Englisch vorhanden??”. His unique performance style is a mixture of information, inspiration, motivation, magic and entertainment.

What forms the basis for his present work? It evolved from his worldwide activities with more than 370.000 participants, on the occasion of more than 150 events and incentives, leading international teams and creating emotional and memorable moments. A myriad of professional trainings in the areas of motivation, presentation, communication, management, NLP, NLS, spirituality and body language have been shaping his further development to the present day. Moreover, since 2015 Norman Gräter is a notable guest lecturer at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Heilbronn.

With projects such as "Don´t stop believin' – My way to 2020", life coach and motivational speaker Norman Gräter aims high with his ultimate goal: selling out Stuttgart’s Porsche Arena with a capacity of 6.000 people within 6 years. He started in 2014 with a simple idea and will end up on 24 march 2020 with the main event. He invites every one of his listeners to pursue his personal path, including all ups and downs. His planned event in 2020 demonstrates perfectly that every major goal can be achieved with the necessary knowledge and the appropriate strategy.

Keynote Speaker Norman Gräter

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