Positive thoughts & resilience: Richard de Hoop on dealing with crises

Setbacks and crises always come unexpectedly. It helps to act resiliently in this very moment. Because resilience becomes an airbag in crises! The Global Topspeaker and resilience expert Richard de Hoop talks about this in his latest video. Richard de Hoop talks there about the probably worst time of his life, how he overcame fears and sadness and how he found back to a happy life after this setback.

Everyone, whether entrepreneur, executive or employee, knows personal and professional crises and setbacks. Nevertheless, resilience and dealing with crisis is a topic that is hardly discussed. Especially in time like these, when the corona virus plunges the entire world and economy into a crisis, the importance of resilience becomes clear – for companies, employees and also in private life.

Click here to see the latest video by resilience expert Richard de Hoop on the topic “Showing vulnerability: Overcoming pain with positive thoughts & resilience”.

Resilience is an important topic for Richard de Hoop, which he presents to the audience in his on way, humorously and at the same time highly emotional. The resilience expert himself has experienced severe blows of fate and therefore knows very well that surrendering to a supposed fate can lead to major crises of meaning. In his lecture “Trust & Resilience – The Business Cad of Your Company”, which can be booked through the speaker’s agency Global Topspeaker, the resilience expert transforms his personal experience on the topic of crisis into the context of the company