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It’s not what you play it’s the way that you play it - but who will strike the first note?

Employees that work together just like an orchestra – the tips and methods by motivational coach Richard de Hoop can make this vision become reality. In his inspiring lectures, the Dutchman ardently demonstrates how employees and superiors can become a well-established team and learn to recognize the value of each individual for the successful performance of the orchestra.

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Frans van Heemskerk - Eventagentur

"By comparing the characters of people with musical instruments, it suddenly became very clear to us how important it is to have a virtuoso employee orchestra in order to achieve the set goals of organization. Diversity and yet harmony are indispensable. We were thrilled by this show full of humor, music and content at the highest level."

Lars Greve - THIMM The Highpack Group

„Richard de Hoop is the perfect entertrainer and a charismatic performer. He clearly understood what the aims of our conference were and was able to transmit them in an extremely productive yet entertaining manner. Richard de Hoop further enriched the combined expertise of the other accomplished motivators at our conference to create the ideal blend of mesmerizing stage show and valuable group work during the workshop units. Constructive, interpersonal communication is necessary to understand different behavioural patterns and to respect different personality types. The fact that he was able to illustrate this complex topic with the use of musical instruments was inspired and the staging of his presentation had everybody rocking with him. More importantly, Richard de Hoop also initiated the desired long-term learning process. His participation in our conference both enhanced the event as a whole and provided a veritable highlight. Richard, the show must go on – please entertrain us again!”

Andreas Lex - SV SparkassenVersicherung Holding AG

„Richard de Hoop was the absolute highlight of our 2nd SV Sales Day. He captivated 200 participants with his unique blend of entertainment, music and audience participation. His presentation was both thought-provoking and packed with information. Altogether an unforgettable experience which lingered long after the event itself. Many thanks, Richard de Hoop.”

Nicole Wiesenhütter - SPRECHERHAUS - Rohstoff Wissen

„Richard de Hoop was amazing.”

lectures by Richard de Hoop, CSP


There is not enough trust in this world! According to Global Topspeaker Richard de Hoop, this fact causes us a lot of serious problems. Whether in politics or business, all large institutions as well as governments are suffering from a major loss of respect and confidence. Why? Because trust is something we don’t talk about enough! Although everybody longs for it, hardly anybody dares to demand it! In this exceptional presentation, motivation expert Richard de Hoop breaks one of the oldest taboos and encourages an in-depth thought process on the matter of trust.

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music of the future

3D printing, robots, automation processes and artificial intelligence: New Technologies such as these are bringing about radical change in our present living and working worlds and are no longer merely the “music of the future”. With all these developments - where do humans fit in? This is the question Global Topspeaker Richard de Hoop addresses in his fascinating presentation where he examines the topic „future“ from a social/psychological angle. By doing so, he alleviates his audience’s fear of change and demonstrates how everybody can continue to be useful to society.

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Keynote Global Topspeaker Richard de Hoop comes from Holland and has been involved in team-building, motivation and leadership events as an Entert®ainer and keynote speaker since 1995. He is a certified Belbin Team Role Trainer and a sought-after and popular guest speaker at kick-off meetings and opening and closing sessions of large-scale events in the fields of business and sport. In June 2014 he achieved the highest earned international recognition for professional speakers, the Certified Speaking Professional ® (CSP) designation.

Richard de Hoop uses music as a metaphor and a source of inspiration for businesses and interactions within them. He compares the range and diversity of peoples’ characters to musical instruments; thus a drum represents an active, motivated, hands-on pacesetter, whereas the horn is the unobtrusive yet observant team player. Both are important for a successful team. Richard de Hoop uses a total of eight instruments to classify individual characters. The main message of his inspiring, passionate presentations is: only the joyful ensemble playing of the orchestra as a whole (the employees), working under a motivating conductor (their superior) can lead to a full sound experience and top performances from the entire group.

In his keynote speeches Richard de Hoop motivates his audience by calling on them to focus on the strengths of each individual and to place that person where he or she can best use their talents. Just as each instrument in an orchestra has its own musical role to play. He calls this the ‘Revolution of strengths’. Only when an individual operates from a position which is right for him can he demonstrate enthusiasm and passion in his work, thus enabling his team to strive for exceptional performance. Indeed, Richard de Hoop’s advice to all those who have a motivating leadership role is: ‘look for the sparkle in your employees’ eyes’.

Richard de Hoop’s life exemplifies the authenticity and passion which imbue his electrifying presentations. He loves life, people and music and on stage he combines all these elements with enthusiasm and passion to create a harmonious orchestral whole which both fascinates and inspires.

In Germany the TV programme ‘Der Glücksreport’ (The Happiness report) named Richard de Hoop ‘The Happiness Coach’.

For his rousing keynote speeches with songs about team building, he received 2012 the award for "Best Performer".

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Keynote Speaker Richard de Hoop, CSP

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