Michael Carl

Zukunftsforscher Michael Carl.

Occupation: Futurologist, trend researcher, strategy expert

Field(s) of expertise: Future, strategies, development of money, innovation

Language(s): German, English

"If you want to be prepared for the future, you have to act now."

When taking a look at the future, he maintains perspective: Global Topspeaker Michael Carl is a successful trend researcher and strategy expert and in this context, also addresses the future of money and banks. In his trendsetting presentations, he illustrates how we will live and work, act and produce in the future, but never forgets to consider the human factor as well. In a highly entertaining manner and keeping everyday reality in mind, he points out what technical changes lie ahead of us and what impact they will have on our society and the world of business.

Michael Carl, born in 1968, looks back on a long career in strategy and organisation development: Following his studies of protestant theology, he initially worked as a journalist and editor for the German television broadcaster ARD (the consortium of public broadcasters in Germany). Afterwards, and in his role as a department head, he set up the local strategy office - a novelty in public broadcasting at the time - in one of the ARD group’s institutions. In this function, he monitored and controlled important strategy and structural projects.

In his capacity as a futurologist, Michael Carl is by now shaping the visions of numerous companies in a wide variety of industries with an impartial eye and by way of precise analyses. In the institute’s inspiring atmosphere, he studies which substantial changes in our living and working worlds can already be predicted with reasonable probability today and what impact such changes will have on the business models of the future. This is how he supports businesses in positioning themselves for the future.

In his visions of the future, he focuses on various industries and fields of business. He illustrates what kind of technological change they will experience and how companies may prepare for such changes by specifically aligning their strategies. What is really special about his presentations, however, is the fact that he does not only focus on technical aspects but takes human and political perspectives into consideration as well.

Whether as impetus for strategy meetings, executive workshops or staff events – when Michael Carl faces his audience as a lecturer or keynote speaker, he always manages to weave amusing anecdotes into his talk on the future – a topic many think of as scary. He builds a bridge between the serious and the entertaining. To him, the central issue is creating: His goal is to support people and companies in taking the future into their own hands. And he makes it absolutely clear to his audience: If you want to be prepared for the future, you have to act now.

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