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Michael Carl

Theologian, social expert, strategy expert, transformation companion
Innovation, the changing world, crises, demographic change, changed working world, transformation, exponential change

"The 20s will be the decade of crises - and that is our greatest opportunity!"

When it comes to profound crises and changes, he always keeps his perspective and brings the associated opportunities to the fore: 5 Star speaker Michael Carl is a successful social expert, theologian and journalist. In his trend-setting lectures, he deals with the major crises that lie immediately ahead and shows the scope for shaping the future that will result from them in a completely new way. The 1920s will turn out to be the decade of crises. We already know at least three crises: the development of work, the changes in demography and finally the climate crisis. All three will force us to say goodbye to many familiar things we take for granted. At the same time, they open enormous scope for us to shape the future. We have the chance to make life and work more humane than ever before - if we really make use of this opportunity.

Susanne Hüsemann - Queb | Bundesverband für Employer Branding, Personalmarketing und Recruiting e. V.

"Michael Carl gave an absolutely inspiring outlook on the new working worlds and included wonderful personal examples. Our participants were enthusiastic. In particular, his relaxed and communicative or interactive manner of the presentation was very well received and inspired confidence. Thus, he was available for discussions even beyond the topic of his lecture. Really highly recommended."

Lutz Pfeiffer - FAMO GmbH & Co. KG

"Mr. Carl set an inspiring highlight right at the beginning of our customer event with his presentation "Digital Security of the Future", which captivated the participants and led to many lively conversations and discussions throughout the event. Many thanks for that!"

lectures by Michael Carl


How do we want to work and how do we want to live after Corona? How do we want to manage successfully in the future, how do we want to communicate - and what does our life look like after the pandemic? Right now, is the time to actively prepare for the time after the acute phase of the pandemic, to design the future normal, to discuss it and to shape it.

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The 20s begin with a crisis and crises will remain our mode. That is good news! We already know of at least three crises coming our way in the decade of crises: Labour development, demographic changes and finally the climate crisis. A unique opportunity for development and shaping!

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After Corona, the city is more alive than ever. We see our lives as if under a burning glass: In the pandemic still the surprisingly quiet place. Empty parks, quiet centres, hardly any traffic, people at a distance. No sooner is the end of the acute phase of the pandemic in sight than the city is bustling again. Only different than before. In his vivid and rousing keynote, 5 Star speaker and society expert Michael Carl talks about the city of the 2020s, about urban living and working and the new quality of life in urban spaces. He shows: The city is the place where the positive consequences of the pandemic are palpable.

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In his own research institute, the carl institute for human future, Michael Carl explores the questions of how the enormous technological development from artificial intelligence to blockchain supports us, how we begin to learn from experiences of crisis, how we set ourselves in motion as a society and how we also must rethink ourselves in the face of these changes: What is human, what is human and how do we become more human than ever?

Michael Carl, born in 1968, looks back on a long professional career in the human shaping of profound changes: After studying Protestant theology in Germany and Great Britain, he first worked as a journalist and editor at several ARD radio stations. As head of department at an ARD station, Michael Carl built up the strategy office there - a first in public service broadcasting. In this function, he managed important strategy and structural projects. As managing director, he supported the growth of the 2b AHEAD think tank into Europe's largest futurology institute. With his own institute, he is now devoting more time to the question of ourselves: At the centre is the human being we want to be.

Based on his many years of experience in shaping work and organisation, communication and society, Michael Carl provides profound insights into our society in his rousing lectures and shows ways out of the major crises of our time. In doing so, he looks at different sectors and business areas, showing the changes they are undergoing and how companies and social actors can strategically adapt in a targeted manner. What is special about his lectures is that he never sees only the purely technical, but also includes the human and philosophical perspective.

Due to the many crises, many people look to the future rather anxiously and are afraid of change. In his lectures, 5 Star speaker and social expert Michael Carl manages to focus on the opportunities of change and the positive things that come out of crises. His goal is to support people and companies in seizing opportunities and taking new paths.

 Michael Carl

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