Dominique Goerlitz, PhD

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Field(s) of expertise: teamwork, team, dealing with crises

Language(s): German, English

Success is always the result of team work!

Sailing over the rough North Atlantic Sea on a small boat with a team of eleven crew members is a borderline experience that strongly affected experimental archaeologist, extreme sailor and author Dr. Dominique Goerlitz. Such an extreme situation can only be mastered successfully if a well-established team can rely on each other 100 %. Motivation, courage and team spirit are decisive key qualifications – not only on the high seas but in your everyday work routine as well!

The adventurer, scientist and Global Topspeaker Dr. Dominique Goerlitz dared an expedition over the most stormy water way of the world – across the North Atlantic from New York with the heading to Spain. What nobody expected before, he carried out on his daring voyage:

nine men and two women on 40 m² limited life space

the vessel without any escort alone in the mercy of the elements

two months full of destitution and danger

13 storms with dramatically experiences in towering waves and in wind force 10

The whole team together on one boat for a common vision in science and society.

The ABORA Team with its extraordinary motivation and courage has demonstrated how enormous feats can be achieved through collaboration, team spirit and the faith in common goal. All this while breaking away from existing preconceptions and traditional beliefs, boldly going against previous scientific evidence. This adventure is not about success at any rate, but about exploring new possibilities through teamwork which an individual would never accomplish. But how do you motivate a team, even in extreme situations, to stick together and perform at maximum efficiency? What makes expeditions like these so appropriate to prove the human quest for enterprise and eventual success?

Global Topspeaker Dr. Dominique Goerlitz is a quite likeable experimental archaeologist with a soft spot for adventures. The New York Times entitled the expedition leader and film maker as the „German Indiana Jones who tried to cross the North Atlantic on a bale of straw“. In his conferral of a doctorate at the University of Erlangen he discussed the trans-Atlantic cultural interactions before Columbus.

His lectures are well illustrated and underpinned by captivating pictures and movies that emphasize the excellent performance of the ABORA crew. In his equally amusing and entertaining multimedia-based speeches he illustrates how to keep your motivation on a mission that lasts several weeks and how to deal with critical situations and changes. His latest expedition in 2013 unraveled one of themost exciting mysteries about the Great Pyramid of Giza. In cooperation with the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology and internationally renowned scientists Goerlitz could prove that even in ancient Egypt people worked with iron.

His adventures are documented in movies and exhibitions that Goerlitz himself arranges. Those productions find favors over many countries. For his extraordinary performances as a speaker and adventurer Dr. Dominique Goerlitz received the 5 Sterne Redner Award in 2011.

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„It was a fabulous presentation, rich with meaning not just for adventurers but for everyone in their day-to-day lives.”

Dr. Michael Wilhelm / Sächsischen Ministeriums des Inneren / Staatssekretär

„I would like to thank you once again for your terrific presentation

on Friday. Our customers were thrilled – your presentation bowled them


Maria Hanisch / adesso AG

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Abora Projekt mit Dr. Dominique Görtlitz
Abora Projekt mit Dr. Dominique Görtlitz


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