Dr. Sascha Ott

Technology writer, physicist
Science, technique, motivation
German, English

„Nothing is as exciting as science!“

Physicist and comedian? Profound science and thrilling action? In his presentations, the science journalist, holder of a doctorate and Global Topspeaker Sascha Ott, PhD proves like no other that knowledge and humour are not mutually exclusive: The speaker for physics Sascha Ott turns science into a fascinating spectacle – always based on solid facts, however.

Dietmar Schulte - Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum, Paderborn

"Mr. Ott's lecture was the highlight of our 'Night of Science'! The mix of info, humor and spectacular experiments was just right."

Julia Melchior - SimPlan AG

"An extremely exciting, intelligent, yet funny talk including small explosions and amazing physics that wowed our colleagues and clients!"

lectures by Dr. Sascha Ott


Nothing is more memorable but an intense, first-hand experience! Not even the most sophisticated, theoretical concept or the most expertly phrased maxims can be embedded as deeply in people’s minds as a bone-rattling explosion or the searing light of an immense ball of fire. This presentation is a breath-taking mix of all that is glaring, loud and dangerous.

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learning from science means learning to win

Scientific principles count among the most potent success strategies of our modern civilisation. Here, it also becomes apparent what the tactics that lead to victory are: Convincing sceptics, dealing with setbacks and interpreting weaknesses as strengths! And formulating big, motivational goals in a convincing way time and again! In his fascinating lecture, Dr. Sascha Ott illustrates the winning formula of science by way of thrilling, vivid and sometimes bizarre examples and captivating live experiments.

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After his studies in Cologne, Dortmund and Budapest, Sascha Ott did his doctorate in experimental physics. Since then, the speaker for physics Sascha Ott has been successfully bridging the gap between well-founded information and exciting entertainment: Even when he first worked as a volunteer for West German Broadcasting and other broadcasters of ARD, the Consortium of Public Broadcasters in Germany, he already presented the current scientific developments in a highly entertaining way. After several years of doing political cabaret and improvisational theatre, Sascha Ott joined Germany’s most successful science comedy group “Die Physikanten“ (the Physicists) and since then, he has mesmerised the audience in more than 500 fast-paced science shows in Germany, Europe, South-Africa and Abu Dhabi.

Sascha Ott knows how to explain scientific contexts clearly and – based on impressive experiments – how to illustrate the fascination of natural science in a fun way. Be it time travel or world formula – thanks to Sascha Ott, the visions of the greatest researchers of our times become understandable and transparent. In his dynamic presentations, the science journalist, holder of a doctorate and Global Topspeaker demonstrates how much we can learn from the greatest thinkers and explorers in the history of science and technology for our daily life and work. Experience the world of science like you’ve never experienced it before: Experience the world of science with the speaker for physics Sascha Ott.

Keynote Speaker Dr. Sascha Ott