Awardees 2010



Sven Gábor Jánszky

Best Brand

In 2010, futurologist Sven Gábor Jánszky received the Global Top Speakers Award in the category "Best Brand" for his outstanding success as Germany's most innovative trend researcher. Based on numerous trend analyses on living, working, IT and consumer environments of the future and the books "Rulebreaker", "Lebenswelten 2020, 2025 – So arbeiten wir in der Zukunft" (Living environments 2020, 2025 - This is how we will work in the future) and "Die Neuvermessung der Werte" (The recalibration of values), he became the mouthpiece of the lateral thinkers and innovative minds in the German business world. A fact, he demonstrates in all media with his consistent public image.

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Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad

Best Newcomer

In 2010, memory trainer Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad received the Global Top Speakers Award in the category "Best Newcomer" for being the best junior speaker in the field of memorising names, mnemonics and memory training for everyday work and life. In his interactive presentations, he not only made sure right from the start that his participants enjoyed themselves but also amazed them with his own memorising skills.

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Christa Kinshofer

Most Outstanding Speaker

In 2010, the renowned Global Top Speaker and businesswoman Christa Kinshofer received the Global Top Speakers Award in the category "Most outstanding speaker" for her exceptional and inspiring lectures on her remarkable career in skiing. Despite numerous setbacks, she demonstrated an unshakable belief in herself and fought her way back to the top, even becoming an Alpine Skiing World Cup Champion. She also describes her experiences in her book "Helden werden nicht gewürfelt" (You don't get a hero on the roll of a dice).

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Michael Moesslang

Best Media

Global Top Speaker Michael Moesslang was awarded the Global Top Speakers Award in the category "Best Media" in 2010 for his deep coverage in print and online media. The expert on body language has already inspired his audience in more than 1,000 lectures and presentations. His book "So würde Hitchcock präsentieren - Überzeugen Sie mit dem Meister der Spannung" (This is how Hitchcock would do a presentation - Convince with the help of the master of suspense) had to be reprinted only three months after its release and was received by the media just as well . Bravo!

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Nicola Fritze

Best Performer

The 2010 Global Top Speakers Award in the category "Best Performer" was presented to the motivational woman speaker Nicola Fritze for her extraordinary stage performance as a public speaker and her stirring motivational presentations. Nicola Fritze is a woman with hands-on experience who provides companies with immediate hands-on solutions for more motivation in everyday life and work - and she does it with a lot of humour at that. Fun and light bulb moments are a given during her presentations, no matter whether it is an audience of 10 or 10,000.

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Norman Bücher

Special Award: Extraordinary Achievements outside the Speakers' Scene

In 2010, the extreme runner an adventurer Norman Bücher was granted the Global Top Speakers Award for his outstanding achievements outside the speakers scene. Whether tackling 600 kilometres and a difference in height of more than 6000 metres within 15 days during the Atacama Challenge or running all through the Brazilian jungle in one go - the worldwide adventures of the extreme athlete are fascinating and seem to be impossible to do. Only by the power of his will and a lot of training, Bücher succeeds time and again in going beyond his former limits and mastering an even more daunting running adventure - true to his motto: "Break your limits". He even orchestrates most of his adventures himself.

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