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Outstanding performance calls for special acknowledgement. This is why we started to present our speakers with awards in 2010 and by now, these prizes are quite sought-after.

At the end of the year, a panel of 5 experts determines the awardees of the various categories. Only one nomination per category, year and speaker is permitted and furthermore, a speaker can only be presented with the award for a specific category once. Naturally, our speakers are clearly proud if they receive such honours.

Here, we present the best speakers of last year – but looking at last year’s awardees is worth it, too!





Ilja Grzeskowitz "Best Brand 2016."



The speakers award „Best Brand“ went to Ilja Grzeskowitz who, in the recent years, has raised his profile beyond belief and made a name for himself as Change Expert all over the world. The Global Topspeaker is the undisputed market leader on change and increases his market value continuously with his various marketing activities. Thanks to his own award ceremony - the “Change Award” - and the #AuJa! Buzzer he developed himself, he sharpened his brand’s positioning sustainably.

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Sven Enger erhielt den 5 Sterne Rednerpreis "Best Newcomer 2016."



Sven Enger is the Head of the Digital Think Tank at the Northern Institute of Technology Management (NIT) at the Hamburg University of Technology and at the same time he is a partner in the Berlin publishing house „Zukunft & Gesellschaft“ (Future & Society). For more than a year now, he has been giving presentations on his favourite subject, the impact of digitisation on society, and thus passes on his incredible practical expertise to his audience. None other but Sven Enger has made as big a leap forward: from board member of several large international corporations to a speaker who can inspire and electrify his audience. This is why he was honoured with the speaker awards „Best Newcomer“ – and rightly so!

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William Wanker ist Most Outstanding Speaker 2016.



The initial idea behind William Wanker was to establish an artificial character that makes fun of the speaker’s scene. Meanwhile, however, Wanker has made his mark in the industry and now also deals with hot topics such as cooperation in a team or motivation. William Wanker succeeded in creating an amazing, artificial persona that already has gained a certain celebrity status. He therefore has rightly earned the award for „Most outstanding speaker“.

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Stefanie Voss erhielt den 5 Sterne Rednerpreis "Best Performer Redner 2016."



Stefanie is a very emotional speaker that gives her audience goose bumps when she talks about her personal experiences in her presentations. At the same time and based on the many years of expertise as an executive, she manages to provide her listeners with valuable insights into the business world and to motivate them effectively. Stefanie Voss was honoured with the award „Best Performer - Speakers“ for her exciting combination of emotion, top content and motivation.

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Carsten K. Rath ist "Best Media 2016."



There is hardly any other speaker who has such an integrated presence in print and online media as well as in social media as the Service Excellence expert Carsten K. Rath. Being the boss of a 5 star grand hotel, he is aware of how important a stylish appearance is. With his artificial character, "Como", he fills columns in the "Capital" and „Bilanz“ magazines as well as on „Xing“. So, Carsten K. Rath has more than earned this year’s award for „Best Media“.

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Steve Kroeger erhielt den 5 Sterne Preis "Best Performer Trainer 2016."



Besides his exciting keynotes on motivation and team building, Steve Kroeger also trains 7 Summits coaches. On the occasion of his various seminars, for example on top of mount Kilimanjaro, he passes on the experience he gained in his many years as a mountain climber and boosts the team spirit. With these exceptional seminars, he expanded to the field of advanced training and gained major recognition, even beyond his degree of popularity as a speaker. In honour of his exceptional seminars, he therefore was awarded with the prize for „Best Performer - Coaches“.

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Special Award 2016 für Michael Wigge.



This year‘s „Special Award“ for outstanding performance outside the speakers’ world went to all-rounder Michael Wigge. Whether travelling through Germany on a scooter or bartering his way up from an apple to a house on Hawaii – nothing is impossible for Wigge. In 2016, he set himself the goal to travel through all the 50 states of the US within 50 days and to meet a different challenge every day.

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