Autonomous Driving – Is there a chance for the automotive industry?

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Stefan Jenzowsky´s picture of the future of the European automotive industry is a dark one if corporations don’t start acting and loosen their rule-based thinking patterns. The reason is that those thinking patterns won’t work in the digital era if the disruptive technologies on autonomous driving develop exponentially and if well-known business models will be destroyed. In his lecture the futurologist and rulebreaker shows why car drivers will not only hand over the steering wheel but also might lose the competition with new global players.

Global Topspeaker Stefan Jenzowsky is a founder and director in the field of autonomous driving. With one of his StartUps he developed technologies that enable the transformation of every car into an autonomous car; this technique is unique and leading throughout Germany. He also has insights into the research work of other innovative companies and knows the technological differences and most recent developments. His expertise is based upon numerous visits at corporations like Google and Tesla, he already sat in every of their prototypes. The experienced Keynote Speaker shares this knowledge in his lectures with the audience. Thereby he gives insights into the car interior, engine bonnet and digital calculation powers and sensors.

As a speaker Stefan Jenzowsky takes a glimpse over the steering wheel and analyses the worldwide automotive industry as a whole. In his opinion, there exist strong indicators that signalize a turning point in autonomous driving – faster than many companies imagine. In the era of digital disruption innovative ideas have the power to replace traditional branches and tip over known concepts of driving. Changes in autonomous driving affect especially automotive corporations in Germany but also many other branches. Not only the technology will change but also design, interior and the usage of the vehicle.

According to futurologist Jenzowsky there is still hope if we learn from past change processes like the end of horse carriage or the end of the European mobile phone industry. His lecture shows ways how to start collaborations with other companies and StartUps to make innovative progress.

Content of the lecture:

  • How does research develop in the automotive industry?
  • Which role does Google, Tesla and Apple play?
  • Which techniques will become important regarding autonomous driving?
  • Which competences in vehicle construction will become necessary?
  • How should automotive corporations react to this change?
  • What new business models will develop due to autonomous driving?

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