The role of digital in senior marketing

Lecture by
Alexander Wild

The role of digital in senior marketing

Demographic change and digitization are revolutionizing marketing and society: In a world where physical and virtual environments are rapidly converging, companies have to be able to meet customer needs anytime, anywhere – and not only those of the young ones Senior marketing is also affected: from product development to advertising.

It is often assumed that the older generation is little, or not at all, online-savvy. But this is not necessarily true. Things are changing very fast, says Internet pioneer Alexander Wild: in a few years, our society will be older and more digital. And companies should take advantage of the arising opportunities: Never before have the elderly been as active, as educated, as healthy and even as wealthy as they are today. And given the fact that today 30 percent of the population is older than 60 years – in 2035, this figure will be 50 percent – the question remains why so few companies deal with best agers in terms of their online marketing.

Digital expert Wild explains how and why senior marketing should take advantage of the opportunities opened up by demographic change: What happens when older, formerly brand-loyal consumers turn into smart shoppers? Does online distribution also work with the target group 60plus? Why is native advertising nothing new – but already working excellently in senior marketing? And how should experienced consumers over 50 or 60, who are increasingly characterized by a gap between actual and perceived age, be addressed?

Wild speaks with exceptional entrepreneurial expertise and practical experience from his own business model, located exactly at the interface between "digitization” and “demographic change". More than 10 million visitors per year use his social network, market leader in the German-speaking countries. In his presentation, Wild gives insights on how the elderly use (or perhaps don’t use) digital media and shares proven rules for effective best-ager marketing.


  • How senior markets become digital    
  • Status quo: smart living, smart shopping, smart media?   
  • How life quality relates to digitization   
  • Digitization of distribution channels and the “right” tone with older consumers   
  • “Best practice” examples from various sectors
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