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Award Winners 2020

Outstanding performances demand special acknowledgement. This is why we started to grant our - meanwhile highly coveted - speaker’s awards in 2010.

At the end of the year, a jury of five experts now always determines the awardees in a range of various categories. Only one nomination in one particular category per year and speaker is permitted. Furthermore, a speaker can receive the award in a particular category only once. Our speakers burst with pride when they are given this special recognition, obviously.

Here, you see the best speakers of last year. However, their predecessors are certainly worth a look, too!

Sabine Hübner

She has been defining the service world for years and is known in German-speaking countries as THE service queen. She embodies the topic of service in her entire appearance and stands for the topic of service like no other: Sabine Hübner. The 5-star speaker burns for service and customer enthusiasm and whoever experiences her understands immediately: this woman loves what she does. And as a successful entrepreneur, speaker and thought leader, she lives what she loves. For this reason, Sabine Hübner received the Best Brand Award in 2020.

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Max Hagenbuchner

Max Hagenbuchner has been active as a 5-star speaker for just under a year and is at the beginning of a great career. He talks about the Generation Z, which is now gradually entering the job market more and more. 5 Star Speaker Max Hagenbuchner himself belongs to this generation and knows the interests of these young people like no other. In his rousing and energetic speeches, the likeable keynote speaker shows what makes Generation Z tick and what companies need to bear in mind in order to win over this target group as customers, but also as potential employees.

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Armin Nagel

In his lectures, Armin Nagel succeeds in creating an entertaining, creative atmosphere that inevitably "rings" in the minds of his audience. As a comedy speaker on the subject of service, he makes the audience laugh, makes them think and brings momentum into everyday office life. Armin Nagel has retained his extraordinary and inspiring manner in the Corona Year and has adapted to the new situation at an incredibly fast pace. For this reason, Armin Nagel receives the award for most extraordinary speaker.

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Stefan Kuntz

Motivating teams is exactly his thing! Stefan Kuntz did not become famous by giving lectures, but as coach of the U21 national team. But even there, he is used to lecturing, motivating, shaping successful teams and inspiring on a daily basis. With the well-deserved European Championship title in Poland in 2017 and the European Championship runner-up title in Italy in 2019, Stefan Kuntz was able to prove his talent as a team leader and football professional once again as coach of the U-21 national team.

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Boris Schwarz

2020 was the year of digital presence: and fitness expert Boris Schwarz continues to shine with his social media work in 2020. With 4,965 Facebook friends, 8,928 "likes" and 7,819 Instagram followers, the 5-star speaker shares his knowledge on nutrition and fitness with a wide audience. Every day, Boris Schwarz publishes motivational sayings on his channels and repeatedly brings himself and the importance of health to the attention of his followers. One of his favourite quotes: "No more, no more, no more, I'm avoiding everything that makes me fat! Mirrors, scales, photos..."

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Norman Gräter

No other speaker has suffered such a hard setback at the hands of Corona as Norman Gräter. In March 2020, his planned mega-event was to take place in the Porsche Arena. The lockdown put an end to this project that had been planned for years. Mr. Motivation did not let this setback get him down and continued to motivate and inspire. How Norman Gräter dealt with this setback and this experience of not being able to perform his life's dream after 6 years is what he tells in his lectures. Because in retrospect, the gift behind it was much greater than the actual event would have been.

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