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Brian Farley

Baseball Coach, Former Baseball Player
teamwork, winning, performing under pressure, values and beliefs, working in multi-cultural environments
English, Dutch

"Real winners don't let negative perceptions hold them back."

Brian Farley was born in the US and is a baseball coach and former player who has been living in the Netherlands for the past 28 years. Since the year 2000, the keynote speaker has been working as a coach for the national team in different capacities. For his extraordinary achievements as a coach, Farley received a knighthood and was voted Coach of the Year at the 2011-2012 sports gala: He has participated in the Olympics in both Sydney and Beijing. In 2011, as national team coach, Farley led the Dutch to the world championship in baseball. This was the first time that an European team has ever won a world championship in baseball. The passionate speaker Brian Farley is well-known for his unconditionally commitment to results. With his inspirational lectures, he gets to the core of what makes people and teams successful and is a shining example for effective working in multi-cultural environments.



  • Winning
  • Teamwork
  • Performing under pressure (also as a Workshop)
  • Building team values and beliefs (also as a Workshop)
  • Working in multi-cultural environments

Besides lectures, Brian also gives workshops:

Building Team Values and Beliefs

The workshop is designed around values and beliefs set by the participants themselves with management facilitation in order to create or enhance a cultural change within the group or team. This is best realized when the participants are recruited to this change rather than being told what the changes will be. By taking part in the workshop, the participants feel an attachment to the change in large part because they themselves are involved in the process. This inclusion resonates far deeper with the participant which in turn helps to activate the change more quickly as well as making it more sustainable in the long haul.

Performing under pressure

Remaining calm and in control under pressure is a skill which can be developed. It is, as you may imagine, a skill which is highly regarded and in demand by all companies in competition. The ability to "stay in the moment" separates those that perform under stressful situations and those that crumble. The workshop simulates high pressure situations. We observe how people behave under these types of stress. We then go about teaching the same techniques and routines used by the top athletes in the world to master our thoughts and emotions when these situations arise - allowing us to utilize our skills to the best of our ability regardless of the circumstances.

Keynote Speaker Brian Farley