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Karl Raats

Creative Thinking, Business Creativity
Creative thinking, Business creativity, ...and that's the reason you are not creative, overcome creative blocks
English, Dutch

"Creativity isn't something you are, it's something you do."

Keynote speaker Karl Raats was born in Belgium in 1971. How to unlock the creative potential of people, whether they’d be his readers, customers, partners or students - this has always been his professional pursuit as a journalist, marketeer, business developer and lecturer.So it seemed only logical that in 2006 he became a full time-trainer and facilitator of creative and innovative processes. As a certified de Bono trainer in Lateral Thinking, Buzan Licensed Instructor in mind mapping, post-grad in Creativity, Innovation and Change and a former partner at the Belgian Center for the Development of Creative Thinking, he worked with several thousand managers, entrepreneurs and PhD students worldwide.


But for him that did not suffice. On January 1st 2009 he declared himself a living experiment in applied creative thinking, at which point he engaged in several creative endeavors. This unconventional and at times hilarious “Pinching the Ostrich” project was deliberately confronting him with his fears as well as his own creative potential. Karl Raats firmly believes that “We do not have the right to shell people out of the safety of their habits and securities, from the trenches of our own comfort zone.”

The fact that his own creative exploits have become an inherent part of his private and professional life, his knowledge and experience make him an authentic and much sought after keynote speaker and mentor across many industries. His approach is hands-on, tongue-in-cheek and always in touch with the real world, which he will demonstrate is actually not a place, but rather an excuse.

Keynote Speaker Karl Raats