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Malti Bhojawni

Keynote Speaker Personal Power

Pro Life Coach, professional coach & author
Personal power & strength, body-emotion-language cohesion, self discovery

Who are you BEING in order to Do and HAVE what you so desire and what is getting in the way?

Malti Bhojwani, born in 1971, is a professional coach, author, speaker and workshop facilitator with over 14 years experience. She was born in Singapore, lived in Indonesia India and Australia. Her books have received international praise and been translated in different languages.


Global Top Speaker Malti Bhojwani speaks and coaches from her own experiences to connect with her audience as individual human beings through humour and invoking personal emotions. Her clients are leaders and CxOs from multi-national organizations including Microsoft, Genpact and Kelloggs and successful entrepreneurs.

Malti believes that there isn’t really any new knowledge out there, we all already know how to make our lives happier and more fulfilling. What is missing though is embodiment and implementation. Whenever she speaks or facilitates a workshop, Malti enrols the audience of any size to participate using unique body-emotion-language exercises to mirror to them their own unique emotions, memories, goals and challenges and then experience the learning physiologically rather than just listen to a talk.

She shares from her own day to day experiences - being a young mother of a beautifully independent 23 year old daughter is one of those - and builds an intimate connection with each member of the audience and then competently leads them towards seeing their own potential way forward by letting go of past mistakes, regret and fears.

Malti's vision is to inspire and empower women (and men) internationally to be the best they can in thought, word and deed. Her mission is to touch millions of lives internationally reconnecting people with their strength, compassion and personal power.


  • Professional Certified Coach – ICF –International Coach Federation with over 1000 ++ hours of logged coaching and extensive training
  • Ontological Coaching with Newfield Network
  • NLP Practitioner with Christopher Howard

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Keynote Speaker Malti Bhojawni