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Yehuda Shinar

Owner and CEO
What makes a winner? Winning teams, Winning leadership, motivation and inspiration

Yehuda Shinar's ´love affair` with the world of Winners began in the 1980s, when he initiated a pioneer research entitled ´What makes a winner?` He then turned his research findings into a compact and highly practical model that presents a user-friendly version of what differentiates winners from others and what we can all do to belong to this fantastic group.


In 1996 WINNING was officially established: Israel's Chief Scientist recognized Winning Theory as suitable for the exclusive technology ´incubator` program his office was sponsoring and helping to finance. Ever since, Winning has been and still is intensively involved in identifying and generating Winners in both the highest level of the professional sports as well as the business world.

Basically, Yehuda Shinar is a people person and expert for positive thinking - he loves company and is sociable by nature and bond quickly with those around him. He is also told he has a well-developed sense of humor.

Professionally speaking – Global Topspeaker Yehuda Shinar knows that he is considered to be highly articulate, but what characterizes his lectures is that they are not really lectures. He always converses with his audience. The dialogue is free and informal and as hinted above usually involves humor. Yehuda's interactions ultimately aim to involve the audience as an active partner in the encounter. 

Right from the start the sought-after referee makes it clear that he is not there to 'preach and educate'. His starting point is extremely practical – talking about working with champions and future champions – successful athletes, managers, salespeople and ´the man in the street` – each excelling in their own field and continually able break their own records so they can advance, better fulfill themselves and achieve more.

His job is merely to provide people with clear answers and practical, task-oriented tools with which they can successfully confront any given challenge. Some of the questions he relates to in his talks are: What makes someone a winner? How can we develop this quality? What do we do when the challenge we face is really difficult? And no less important – how can we maintain success over time? 

In this business of identifying and generating winners Yehuda Shinar has a proven track record that adds quite decisively to the credibility of his message. Beyond that, it is always obvious to his audience that he loves this topic and sees it as a mission. He truly aspires to share the knowledge and experience he has accumulated over the years to help people from all walks of life to advance, to improve and to become, and stay, winners for the long run. 

Yehuda Shinar does not represent any particular formal psychological approach; the language he uses is simple and direct so as to enable participants to understand, examine and assess themselves in light of very clear, concrete variables that he explains in the course of the lecture. This enables the audience to create their personal program to improve and enhance their ability to put themselves onto a winning track, one meaning of which is the repeated ability to break personal records and ensure repeated successes, not as a one-off event but as a highly satisfying continuum.

At the end of Yehuda Shinar's lectures, participants feel they have been given real tools for an issue that is close to everybody's heart: self-actualization. That is what really counts.

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  • ´Think like a winner`, published by Random House
Keynote Speaker Yehuda Shinar